Extend your home – minus the renovations!

Do you find yourself having more stuff than your house can fit? Are you constantly having to tip toe or jump over items like Kermit the Frog? Or having to move the stuff off the sofa each time you want to watch TV? Or just can’t seem to find anything as there’s just way too much clutter here, there and everywhere? People would tell you that it’s time for a home extension but what if we tell you, that you can have all the extra space you need – minus the hassles of renovation?

Yes, there is indeed a way! With Cube Self Storage you will have a secret portal in your home that lets you store all the stuff you want, without having to see it, till you want it.

Sounds super awesome, right?
Wait! There are even more reasons as to why getting a virtual home extension is the best solution for you…

More space!
With more space, you can keep each and every item you love! Over the years, we acquire more and more things and often develop a certain attachment to these items. Like the first trophy you received at your first piano recital, or your wedding dress filled with so many happy memories from that joyous occasion or just something your late mother gave you that you would like to pass down to your own children.

Affordable rates
Although, we dream of homes as big as the lavish mansions we see on TV but in reality, how many of us can afford to live in homes just as such? With Cube Self Storage, space in your home becomes a reality albeit virtually. It’s like a secret door that leads to a virtual home extension enabling you to keep all your things without having to move to a bigger place or spend money on renovations!

Our Cube Self Storage facility is open 6 days a week! You can conveniently access all your belongings whenever you need it. Need your treasured Pyrex Tupperware set for the upcoming potluck at the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting? Just come on over and collect it! Our premise is secured with 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance. All your items will be insured and stored in our climate-controlled storage units to protect them against dust, mould and humidity.

Plan Flexibility
Unsure of how long you will be needing the secret portal? Not a problem, you can change the plan anytime you like! Our secret portal comes in many different sizes and the best part is, we’ll let you upsize or downsize anytime you like depending on your storage needs. It’s just like having your very own Doraemon at home, where you can stuff all your electrical appliances into Doraemon’s 4D pocket and store it there till you need it.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to install the secret door to limitless space!