Spacious Living is a Birthplace of Beautiful Memories.

As we continue to stay at home during the Movement Control Order, you may have come to a realisation that space is such an important aspect of our lives. Creating a spacious living is not only about creating more space for you to live in comfortably, but it is also about creating functional space that could nurture relationship with your household members. Here are three reasons why space is essential not only during a lockdown, but also throughout the year:

  1. To create more pantry space for your food

Kitchen is the heart of a home, and it is the most trafficked space especially when all of your household members are at home all day and all night. Moreover, making three meals a day every day require comfortable space for cooking and storage space to store food. While it is crucial that you don’t panic-buy and hoard food in your pantry, it is sensible to have enough food for a few days up to a week to reduce the number of times you go out to get groceries. Hence, a sufficient storage space in your kitchen is definitely essential. Here’s a tip: you can obtain more space in your kitchen by sorting and reorganising everything in your kitchen. Pay closer attention to items that you don’t use regularly, store them away to create more space and improve your kitchen’s traffic.


  1. To give all household members enough personal space at home

Personal space is just as important as the shared common space at home. It should not be taken for granted even if you are living with your family. A personal space helps one to stay calm and focused as it reduces information overload that we are exposed to every day. Also, it could reduce stress and eventually avoid potential aggressions. So, take this time as an opportunity to bring your family together and improve your living space through decluttering and reorganising. The goal is to make sure everyone gets enough personal space.

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  1. To create good memories at home

While personal space is important for us to unwind and recharge individually, we are by nature social beings. The shared common areas in our homes are space for us to forge deeper connection with our household members, to strengthen relationship, and simply, to socialise with one another. Thus, spacious, clean and comfortable common space in your home have to be maintained throughout the year because common space is the birthplace of beautiful memories.

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