Grow your e-commerce business by storing your stock with Cube

If you are in the e-commerce business, your storage space is definitely one of your most valuable assets. Whether it is a small storage space or a big warehouse, meticulous care and protection of your business stocks are paramount to the success of your business! Hence, it is always worthwhile to go the extra mile to ensure that you have sufficient storage space.

Here’s how Cube Self Storage can help make your e-commerce business more efficient:

Process incoming stock promptly.

Processing your goods as soon as possible is important to determine any damaged or faulty items, as well as disparities in the quantities. This is so that you can resolve these issues soon, and altogether avoid errors in order fulfillment in the future. With 24/7 access to your business storage at Cube Self Storage you can process your stocks as soon as they arrived. You can ensure that your stock levels tally with the current stock in your unit at any time.

Quality Control

Your online presence and reputation are keys in the e-commerce business! Good reviews and ratings of your products will turn your brand into a trustworthy brand, and this means more product exposure and even more online customers! The foundation of this success is of course, a consistent quality of your product. Keeping your business stock in our climate controlled storage that guarantees low humidity levels and optimum temperature, will maintain the quality of your product at all times.


Cube Self Storage offers storage agreements from as short as a month!  With our flexible storage plans, you have the flexibility to choose how long to store and only pay for however long you need the space. Furthermore, with our wide range of storage unit sizes, you can increase or decrease the amount of space you need according to your business needs whenever needed! So, if your inventory volume fluctuates significantly throughout the year, or if your business volume growth is unpredictable, you can vary the size of your storage space. Yes, we are that flexible!

Contact us today to find out more about how Cube Self Storage is a smart storage solution for your e-commerce business!