Self Storage allows the whole family to have as much personal space as they need

When we think of the advantages of a big family, we often think of all the love and support amongst the family members and how this also translate to having many “friends” who are there to help you get through life and share all of life’s ups and downs with you. While more is merrier, a large household will need everyone to learn more about patience and sharing. This means that everyone will need to have their own personal space respected and depending how you manage this, you could get very different results!

Keeping your stuff, the way you want to

It doesn’t matter whether it’s sports equipment, clothing, toys, baby stuff, limited edition collectibles or your important keepsakes, you may want to keep it so that your prized belongings are not mistreated by the others in the family. I personally still remember how my Lego collection got given away because it was “taking too much space” and it was devastating! Luckily, there are great storage solutions around nowadays which allows each and every family member to have their own private space to manage their things. This not only gives you the space you may need but it’s also a great way to help you better manage your space without having to throw away things you may need later…

Keeping things in great condition for future use

For big families, one of the best uses of self storage would be for storing baby and toddler items. Good baby and toddler items can be quite expensive and may be quickly grown out of. If you are planning future additions to the family, keeping these in good condition will allow you to save a lot of money and more importantly, bring back lots of fond memories of the older siblings coming of age…

Always looking forward to coming home

With each member of the family managing their belongings with self storage, the matter of personal space is pretty much taken care of. However, it doesn’t end there. By being able to store away your non-daily essentials and even old furniture which you are reluctant to part with, you will be able to free up more space in the living areas of the house so that you have more space for family time whether it’s just your immediate family or inviting all your relatives for a major gathering!

On the topic of major gatherings, it’s quite common that you don’t have enough seats or tables, etc. By using self storage, this problem also disappears. So be it friends or family, when you have people visiting, you can have those extra chairs and tables from your storage back at home to accommodate your guests.

Still not convinced? Why not call Cube’s Storage Specialists to find out how we can help you become masters of spacious living!