4 Reasons Why College Students need Self Storage

One of the perks of being a college student is that you get the opportunity to experience new things. While settling down is a plan way ahead of you, do you find yourself accumulating more and
more stuff throughout your study period? Here’s how Cube Self Storage can help you keep your belongings safe and sound when you’re out exploring new places!

1. On Semester breaks

Most on-campus accommodations require students to move out during semester break. Carting all your belongings home can be expensive, and your time and energy should be focused on gaining new experiences outside of academia. One way to do so is to rent a self storage unit. Not only is this cost-effective, but it also keeps your stuff safe over the semester break!

2. The Gap Year Initiative

Started in September 2017, the Gap Year program allows college students in Malaysia to take a year off to gain industrial work experience, volunteer, or to pursue their personal interests. Whatever you choose to do during this period, always choose to travel light and avoid the hassle of dragging all your belongings to wherever you go. Let Cube Self Storage take care of your items, and you can have added peace of mind to learn and explore the real world outside of college.

3. A Semester Abroad 

Almost every college and university offer studying abroad programs. If you will be spending a semester or two abroad, having a safe and secure place to keep your valuables such as Cube’s climate controlled storage facility will let you focus solely on your travels, learnings and explorations. Self storage is the most popular storage solution among students when it comes to exchange program or studying abroad.

4. The BIG move forward.

Did you know that self storage comes in handy for students especially for those who are graduating or have just graduated and are planning to move into a new home? By using self storage intermittently between residences, you will avoid the hassle of having to move your things between point A to point B during a time-crunch! With self storage, you will get ample of time to sort out your items, look for the right home as well as to move into your new home at your own pace. Trust us, you do not want to end up cluttering your new home on your first day! So, make your transition from college student to working adult a smooth, peaceful and easy transition with Cube Self Storage.


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