Walking down the “MemoRaya” lane

What is the first memory that comes to your mind when you hear Raya?

Raya is in the air. Whether you are celebrating Raya in your kampung, in the city, or somewhere outside Malaysia, you are making beautiful memories with your family and friends. These moments are treasures that could keep the warm smiles in our hearts smiling every time we reminisce on them.

Here at Cube Self Storage, as much as we value memorabilia items and encourage you to store them in a climate controlled storage, we value beautiful and meaningful memories as well and we encourage you to share them. So this Raya, we sat down with our team and asked, “What is the first memory that comes to your mind when you hear Raya?”

“My favourite Raya memory is visiting my first Raya open house in a traditional Malay village. We woke up early, wore colourful Baju Raya, and sang along to ‘Balik Kampung’ by Sudirman in the car! When we arrived, the houses were all beautifully decorated with Raya decor, and warm friendly faces greeted us and welcomed us to delight in delicious delicacies such as Lemang, Rendang, Ketupat and colourful Kuih Raya. It was an experience to remember!”

“My memory during Raya…that would be the open house as well. Back in my hometown, Ipoh, we live in a close community unlike here in KL. So, during Raya we can literally stop by at any rumah terbuka. When I was little, my cousins and I used to take it as a challenge to visit as many houses as we could in our neighbourhood, and compete to collect the most Duit Raya. It was always a great time for all of us. And have I mentioned the food? They’re always good, but how much can you eat anyway when you visit at least five houses in a day? But of course, we could not refuse the food even when we couldn’t take another bite because the uncles’ and aunties’ hospitalities were always sweet and warm.”

“Err… I remember one time when my family and I went back to our hometown during Raya. It was a good time, but on our way back to KL the highway was too congested. We ended up stopping at a random roadside restaurant to makan, and then I saw people started coming out from their cars. They were walking around and some were chitchatting and laughing. This was definitely not something we usually see on a normal day, especially during traffic jam! But it was really nice to see people coming together. Raya brings people together no matter where they are. I guess that’s why this particular memory came to my mind when you say Raya.”

“I grew up in a small Dusun village in Sabah. Most of us are Christian, but there are three Dusun-Muslim families (maybe more now, but I only remember three back then). I’m not sure if they’re still doing this, but I remember when I was little, some villagers would come to these three houses to help them with the cooking for the open house. And then, the whole village would come to these three houses for rumah terbuka. After these three houses, we would proceed to visit the village next to our village. Most of the families in this village are Muslims and there are a few Christians, but that doesn’t matter because everyone knows each other—we’re friends and family. Well, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know someone because I’m pretty sure by the end of the day everyone you meet that day would become your friend…or somehow you’ll end up finding out how you’re related to them through your great-great-great-grandparents.”

“One of the fondest memories I have for Raya was about 12 years ago at my Opah’s house. It was the first time my family was making lemang together. Everyone was squirming excitedly as we read through our notes for the recipe. Which in hindsight seemed a little funny as we all had zero experience in cooking this rice in bamboo dish except for the occasional gouging down of roadside lemangs. The start was a little messy as we had many trials and errors with the ongoing distractions of taste test here and there. However, after a couple of hours, we had a good system going. My dad and uncles soon learned that the lemangs would take a slightly longer time to cook than we anticipated. By the end of the day, we were all extremely exhausted, but we were very happy because our lemangs turned out to be nothing short of amazing.”

Wherever you are this Raya, and whoever you are with, be present and enjoy every Raya moment that comes your way.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from all of us at Cube Self Storage.

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