5 advantages of self storage for start ups

Are you planning to start a new chapter in life and venture as a budding entrepreneur? This can be both an exciting yet scary journey at the same time! However, the perks of starting your own e-commerce business are bountiful. You can be your own boss – without having to feel the tie close-in on your white-collar shirt and work at your own time and dime. Reaping whatever profit, you sow!

Sounds oh-so-good right? But wait, there are a few things to consider before starting your e-commerce business and storing your goods well is one of them.
So, here are five reasons why you should be considering self-storage for your start up business!

1. Store your stock

As with any online retail business, you would require huge amounts of stock. That means more space to store your stock before sending the products over to their respective buyers. Not forgetting, safeguarding the items to ensure that they are in mint condition when it reaches the purchasers. (Hey, no one wants to receive damaged items, right?)

2. Convenience

The ease of moving your stock also plays an important factor. Depending on what you sell, you would want to ensure smooth shipment of your stock to the buyer. That means ensuring that you receive and deliver the stock in good condition. Lugging your goods up 5 flights of stairs, is a huge NO-NO. Not only will this require some serious heavy lifting but you risk damaging the items. With Cube SeIf Storage, be rest assured that you can always conveniently unload and load your stock without any hassle whenever you need to ship it out.

3. Affordability

Self-storage rates will not cost nearly as much as it would to rent a room, shop lot or even a warehouse. The smallest room in the heart of Kuala Lumpur costs RM300 per month and a shop lot in an upscale commercial area such as Taman Tun Dr. Ismail or Bangsar could cost up to RM5000 a month! A warehouse? Let’s not even go there! Whereas, the going rate for the smallest storage unit at Cube Self Storage is only RM147 a month! So, it’s no wonder why a self-storage unit would be the wiser choice for you and your business’s overhead budget.

4. Security

Regardless of what you are selling, goods are expensive – having to fork out money to obtain the stock and only getting back what you’ve spent along with some profit, only after when you have successfully sold them. With so many more cases of break-ins and burglaries being reported in Malaysia, you would want to be rest assured that your goods are always safely secured. By storing your goods at Cube Self Storage, you will have peace of mind knowing your goods are safeguarded with round the clock security and CCTV surveillance.

5. Climate controlled storage

Different goods require different type of care with some needing storage at a certain temperature away from direct sunlight. Clothes, bags and shoes will need good air circulation to prevent mildew infestation. Too much sunlight could even cause the handbags or shoes to peel or crack! While, too much humidity attracts silverfish – every book lover’s nightmare!  The silverfish will have a field time devouring all your precious books! Here, at Cube Self Storage all your goods will be stored at our climate-controlled storage, ensuring your belongings are safe from dust, mould and humidity.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to follow your dreams and get your business up and running!
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