Why continue living in a crammed space when you can live spaciously?

Whether you are decluttering your home; in a middle of house renovation; an avid traveller without a stationary residence; clearing out your office to make more space; a business owner with too many files and documents; storing ecommerce business stock; a collector of antiques and paintings; a bookworm; renovating your restaurant; or working on a two-year project abroad, there are some common things that are stored at Cube Self Storage.

  1. Furniture

Storing furniture in a self storage is a common solution when you are doing renovation to your house, office, or your restaurant. And sometimes, people store furniture simply to get rid of clutter or making room for more family or bigger business.

  1. Electronics and Electrical Appliances

Parting with valuable and perfectly good electronics and electrical appliances is not an option when you have a self storage unit. Computers, television sets, printer, washing machine, microwaves, and cameras for example, need climate controlled storage to avoid damage and to ensure they are always in good condition whenever you need them. This is why electronics and electrical appliances are common in Cube Self Storage.

  1. Files, Documents, and Archives

Many businesses are legally required to hold on to archival data up to seven years, and storing them with Cube Self Storage is a solution to make more room in their workspace. Even individuals are storing important files and documents with us not only to create more space at home, but also for the purpose of security and safekeeping.

  1. Collectibles

Self storage is popular among collectors. We’ve met collectors storing vinyl records, rare dolls and figurines, paintings, and antique items like vintage sewing machine and typewriters. Some collectors are putting up their collection for display at home on rotation and use self storage to keep the rest of their collection; and some are storing their collections in our climate controlled storage for preservation.

  1. Seasonal Items
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Festive seasons like Raya, Chinese New Year, Diwali and Christmas only come once a year. Many families and event management companies store decorative items and seasonal items at Cube Self Storage so that they can reuse them next year.

  1. Books

For students, researches, writers, professors and book lovers, parting with books is not only nearly impossible to imagine but almost an insult to consider. Most books that are stored at Cube Self Storage are usually in plastic containers or boxes, but you may find some storage units with shelves full with books, and they look like a mini library.

  1. Memorabilia

Items like photographs, video tapes, DVDs, and heirloom that hold memories are dear to our hearts, which is why they are commonly stored in our personal self storage units. Cube Self Storage provides storage solutions to families and individuals who need to create more space at home and at the same time continue to keep their memorabilia items.

Cube Self Storage has been providing storage solutions to individuals, families and businesses in Malaysia. Proudly, we will to continue to provide the best storage solutions to everyone. Contact us today at 0194914639/0196952349 or drop us an email at cs@cubeselfstorage.my to learn more about our storage solutions, and enjoy 1-month FREE storage.