The Correct and Easiest Ways for Clothes Storage

Renting a self-storage is the best way to free up space in your home. Store the goods that cannot be used temporarily, for instance: seasonal wear, electric appliances, books, sports items, etc., and make your home more spacious. Of all the storage items, clothes storage is the most common and must be carefully stored.

Here are the correct and easier ways for clothes storage.

1. Wash your clothes

Any clothing should be washed first before putting into long-term storage. Unwashed clothes are contaminated with countless bacteria and mildew and it may cause smell when stored for a long time. Even if clothing looks clean, it could have stains over time. Additionally, the perfume, sunscreen or sweat that gets into clothing will also cause yellow stains. If the clothing is contaminated with food debris, it can attract insects and damage the clothing.

2. Classification

When cleaning out your closet, ask yourself, “Have I worn this shirt in the last 6 months?” “Will I be wearing this shirt again in 6 months?” If your answer is “no,” that means it doesn’t need to linger in your closet. You can also donate, recycle or sell items that don’t fit or are defective. As for those items that you can’t afford to throw away and that you’ll be able to wear again in the future, you can store them in the self-storage.

3. Select a storage box

For storage, many people prefer cartons because they are light and affordable. However, if you keep the carton at room temperature, it is likely to be affected by moisture or pests due to climate and environment, and then damage the clothes.

To solve this problem, it is recommended that you store it in a climate-controlled self-storage to ensure that the items are not affected by the weather. You can also choose a plastic crate (link to Easycrate) for water and moisture resistance.

4. Wardrobe box

We usually store clothes in a folding way, which saves space and convenient. However, for the thick winter coat or leather coat, it is not suitable to fold, and should be hung.

Get a wardrobe box to hang the coats. Moreover, wooden or padded hangers are recommended, as iron hangers can cause rust.

5. Inventory system

An inventory system is designed to avoid confusion and facilitate future searches for items. Inventory systems can be divided into three types.

The first is colour classification, different colours represent different types, seasons, family members. Then record the meaning of each colour. The second is tag sorting, where you tag the boxes with people and objects, such as “Dad’s suit jacket,” so that you can identify the box by family member and object. The third is the item list, which lists all the items and features on the box carefully. This is the most tedious method, but when you are looking for items, it is very fast and direct.

6. Cube Self Storage

Why choose Cube Self Storage?

Cube Self Storage is managed with 24/7 climate controlled, so that the stored items are not damaged by climate change. We also have CCTV, door card access system, fire protection equipment, to provide a safe and secure storage environment.

We will also provide the most suitable storage solutions according to your individual needs. Flexible storage plans allow you to change storage space according to how much you have,

Our services include personal storage, business storage, document storage, transport services, packaging materials, etc. to solve your storage issues. Looking for the best storage units? Contact us now!

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