3 reasons why self storage is going to be the best baby shower gift EVER!

Got invited to a baby shower? Not sure what to give? Switch it up from the usual baby hampers, baby bottles, mittens, and breast pumps! It’s quite likely that the new parents-to-be would have had prepared all that months ago! So why not stand out with an unusual but beneficial gift instead?Give them the gift of space. Yes! Space in the form of a self storage unit at Cube. There’s just so many reasons why parents-to-be are really going to appreciate this gift.

1. More Space to Store

With baby showers, people never know what they’re going to get! From bottle steamers, baby cots, baby strollers, to baby walkers! All these items are going to take up space and parents-to-be probably won’t even be using some of these until possibly months later when the baby reaches a certain age. With a self storage unit, parents can choose to store all these (and more!) until the time comes to use it!

2. More Space for Baby

Having boxes of all these unused baby items is just going to take up space. What’s more, babies need space to crawl and explore so you may need to free up even more space than you had before. When a baby starts to crawl, toddle or use a baby walker they are likely to bump into things. You’ll need to avoid this by safely storing away these items along with other bulky and/or potentially dangerous items for babies. With the flexibility at Cube Self Storage, you can store and decide how long you want to store them away as well as keep access to them whenever you need them.

3. Save for Next Baby

Baby items are expensive! What better way to save money than to reuse your first baby’s items? Here at Cube, we can safely store the items and keep them in great condition with our climate controlled storage. When the time comes to welcome baby No.2, parents would just need to head on over to their storage unit to retrieve the baby items they need!

With so many great reasons to give the gift of space to new moms and dads, what are you waiting for? Give them the best baby shower gift they’ll ever receive! Contact our friendly customer service staff today at 03 7772 9171 or drop us a line at cs@cubeselfstorage.my. Happy gifting!