Thanksgiving Day – The Traditional Food during Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November. Traditionally, Americans will enjoy a Turkey feast on that day. Traced back to the 17th century, a group of colonists sailed from Plymouth in England to America to seek a new home. They accepted the help from the people of Indiana, such as learning hunting, planting and other skills, and finally they achieved a good harvest. Thanksgiving was created in order to thank God and for the help of the people of Indiana.

Why is shopping day after Thanksgiving Day?

It is said that in the early 20th century, Canada’s Eaton department Store held a Thanksgiving Day parade, which later inspired Macy’s(New York) to launch a Thanksgiving Day parade. Its success  encouraged the local shopping and lead to the Black Friday shopping festival.

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?

Since 1961, Police in Philadelphia has used the term “Black Friday” to mock the crowded shopping malls. The crowds of people and cars gave police a trouble, hence called it as “Black Friday”.

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6 Traditional Food for a True Thanksgiving Meal

  • Roast Turkey

When it comes to Thanksgiving feasts, roast Turkey is always the main dish. Stuffing a Turkey with spices, fruits and vegetables, bread crumbs, bacon, etc., and then coating the body with seasoning. Enjoy a Turkey dinner with your families and enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving night.

  • Cranberry Sauce

The sweet and sour cranberry sauce is so appetizing to eat and it is always the ladies’ favorite. Traditionally, Turkey is served with cranberry sauce to give it more flavour.

  • Pumpkin Pie

The tradition of eating pumpkins at Thanksgiving originated in the United States. Because the United States is rich in pumpkins in autumn and winter, people like to use pumpkins to make all kinds of food. As a result, pumpkin pie is always placed on the Thanksgiving table, and gradually it has become a must-have dish on Thanksgiving Day. If you don’t like pumpkin pie, you can also make pecan pie, apple pie, etc.

  • Corn

Americans like to make all kinds of food with corn, such as Cornbread Casserole, Creamed Corn with Bacon, Corn Salad, etc., which is the staple food in every family.

  • Baked sweet potatoes

Make sweet potatoes as your Thanksgiving dessert! Mash the sweet potatoes, add spices, sugar, cream, eggs, etc., and bake it. For those with a sweet tooth, you can also add marshmallows to mashed sweet potatoes for a rich taste! You will definitely love it!

  • Mashed potatoes

Make a simple mashed potatoes as a Turkey garnish. A creamy mashed potato is always added with bacon. For cheese lovers, you can also add more cheese to it to give them a richer flavour.

No matter what the holiday is, as long as we can get together with our family, it is the best day! The end of the year is always a good time to go shopping and gathering with your family. Make more space in your home and store your stuff at Cube Self Storage. Then, you can really enjoy the pleasure of gathering with family and shopping.

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