Tidying up is never a task when you “Kondo” it together as a family.

If you haven’t heard of the KonMari Method before check out our article on decluttering using the KonMari method here. This method is an approach to tidying up category-by-category rather than room-by-room with an ultimate goal of having a clutter-free house full of items that spark joy. Trust us, this method teaches you a tidying-up habit that would stay with you for good, thus, we encourage you to share this life-changing method to everyone starting with your own family especially your children.

Teaching kids to tidy up can be a challenging task, but it is not an impossible thing to do, and with the KonMarie method it is easier than you think. Here’s how you do it:

1. Leading through example.

Children are imitators. As parents it is important that you practice what you preach — to complete your tidying before working with your kids. The KonMari method starts with tidying up clothes, then books, followed by documents, miscellaneous, and then finally sentimental items. The most important step during the whole process is to thank every item that you want to discard for the pleasure that it has brought into your life. When you do this genuinely and with joy your kids will notice. Subsequently, they will learn at a very young age that tidying up is not a tedious task. The key here is you, the parents — it starts with you.

2. Let your children know how much space they have.

As parents, you know how much space you have at home. Now, let your kids be aware of this space as well, especially the space that they use to store their items. Giving your children an autonomy over their space — for example their play room and bedroom — will teach them responsibility to keep their personal space tidy. Also, children as young as 3 years old can decide items that give them joy, so let them make decisions for themselves on what item they want to keep and discard. Remember, do not force your children to tidy up their space, not only will that not work, it could also have a negative effect.

3. Go beyond your kid’s stuff.

Now that your kids have some sort of idea about the KonMari method make sure to continue doing it with them. By and by, they might want to get involved with bigger projects — let them. This would make them feel important and needed, and it’s a great way to teach them the value of teamwork. One project that you can easily do with your kids is to go through your family photos or sentimental items. Not only is this a team project, but it is also a great opportunity to talk to them about your family, share memories, and simply spend quality time to strengthen your family bond.

4. Give everything a home.

Now that you have a tidy living space, make sure every single item has a home. Your kids should be aware of this too. Although it might take some time for them to get used to keeping everything at the right place, keep reminding them (and yourself) and eventually, it will become a healthy habit for everyone. For your items that are still homeless but spark joy, give them a home at Cube Self Storage. Non-essentials, collectables, and memorabilia items always find our storage facility to be homey and safe.

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