Keeping your garments in good condition for a long time is easy and affordable

So you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, and noticed that there are garments that you don’t
use on a daily basis; these could be your wedding dress, that extravagant evening gown that you
only wore once, or the rare traditional costumes that you’ve inherited from your grandmother. You
asked yourself the KonMari’s question again: “Does it spark joy?” and they do. However, leaving
them in your wardrobe would be a waste of space as you don’t use them regularly, and at the same
time you would want to preserve them for your children.
Here’s the good news: keeping your garments in good condition for a long time is easy to do.
The fashion industry has been doing it for years to store and preserve couture garments. Follow
these tips to keep your precious garments like they’re couture, and to ensure that they are always in
good condition whenever you need them:

  1. Washing is always the first step.

    The first thing you need to do before packing anything away is to make sure that every piece
    of clothing is clean and stain free. So, laundering or dry cleaning each piece is necessary.
    Even if you are not sure if your item is clean, take the effort to wash everything again to be
    completely safe. Also, make sure that everything is completely dry because moisture is your
    enemy when it comes to storing for a long time.

  2. Use the right type of storage container.

    Using the right type of box or storage container is important to prevent your white and light-
    coloured garments from yellowing. If you are using boxes make sure that your boxes are
    made of acid-free paper. Archive boxes are usually made of acid-free paper and they are
    perfectly safe to use. But if you want to be safe, use plastic crates. Unlike boxes, plastic
    crates would not crush when they are stacked. Cube’s plastic crates are made ofpolypropylene; not only are they sturdy, but they also protect your garments from
    unwanted chemical and light that could damage its fabric.

  3. Folding and Hanging your garments.

    Knits, beaded items, bias-cut, and lacy-pieces should be folded with acid-free tissue paper
    between each layer to safeguard the fibre. For those that cannot be folded make sure to use
    garment bags. Remember, not all garment bags are the same, the only garment bags that
    are worth buying are those that are made of breathable fabrics like muslin. Also, never use
    wire hangers because they have a tendency to distort fabrics, and they rust very easily which
    would stain your garments.

  4. Keep your garments in a ventilated storage space.

    Clothes need to breathe! Never store your garments in a closed space without any
    ventilation or in a storage space that is exposed to direct sunlight. Dark, dry and airy spaces
    work the best just like our climate-controlled storage units at Cube Self Storage. Not only are
    our storage units well ventilated with air-conditioners and fans, but they are also secure
    with round-the-clock CCTV and security guards.

Garments that give you joy deserve to be treated like couture, and Cube Self Storage makes it
possible and affordable for you. Contact us today to get a FREE quotation and start storing like a pro.