Create more space this Ramadan to bond with your family

One of the many blessings of Ramadan is family time. While scheduling conflicts may occur from time to time, taking extra effort to commit to Ramadan family routine will go far in strengthening not only personal faith but also family bonds. So, here are some ideas that you and your family can commit to during Ramadan:

  1. Eat together

Meal time is when everyone gets together to eat in many cultures, and it is an important time to build relationships and bonding. Due to scheduling conflicts, meal time together is often neglected, but Ramadan is the perfect time for the family to come together for Sahur and Iftar. So, get your family members to commit to at least break the fast together every day.

  1. Block out time to spend with each family member

All relationships will continue to grow over time, but they don’t grow without any effort. Don’t take familial relationship for granted. Invest time and energy to truly connect with your family members. So, this Ramadan, commit yourself to block out time to spend with your spouse and children. Include the blocked-out time in your day-to-day schedule and treat it as important as your other priorities.

  1. Have fun and get everyone involved

As we continue to fight against Covid-19 outbreak, social distancing should continue to be taken seriously. This Ramadan, make your home a spiritual hub for your family. Parents can take initiative to teach their children about the virtues of fasting. Adding such spiritual practices and prayer in your day-to-day routine will turn the Holy month more special for everyone. In addition to this, here are several practical activities you can do and get everyone involved in the spirit of Ramadan:

  1. Create Ramadan greeting cards for friends and families. Physical cards are always more thoughtful and meaningful than text messages. Plus, it is fun to work on them with your family, and it’s a great bonding activity.
  2. Get everyone involved in preparing for Iftar. Pick a child-friendly recipe and assist your children to cook.
  3. Tell spiritual and inspiring stories. Storytelling is more interactive than watching a movie together.
  4. Get your family together to declutter and clean your home for Raya using the KonMari method. This activity will allow you to learn from one another about personal items that are important to every family member, their likes and dislikes, and most importantly, to identify items that spark joy for the family. Don’t rush to declutter the whole house, take one room at a time.
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