Keep The Best because The Rest is Clutter

Sentimental items remind us of special experiences or beloved people in our lives, which is why it is hard to get rid of these items. We all have done this: tucking sentimental items somewhere hidden — under your bed, at a back corner of your closet, drawers, kitchen cabinet, and sometimes not hidden at all in the living room. Over time, we collect more sentimental items and eventually space becomes limited — that means, we need to declutter our living space.

As you begin to sort through your sentimental items, ask yourself these three questions as they can help you get to the real emotions behind each item, and also help you to decide what to keep and what to get rid of:

  1. Following the KonMarie method, ask yourself, does it spark joy? Observe your feelings, and think about the significance the item brings into your life. Does it help you, in a positive manner, with the way you want to remember the person or the event? If you find that the item does not embody the person or the memorable experience in the best way possible, then you know that you can discard it.
  2. The next question is: am I keeping this item because I think I should? Getting rid of gifts and family heirlooms oftentimes make us feel guilty. So, we tend to keep these items even though we don’t like or want them because it would be mean or rude to discard them. Remember, unless the item brings joy into your home, do not keep it especially when negative emotions are connected to it, and guilt is considered as negative.
  3. By now, you may have a list of items that you want to keep. Don’t act in haste. Take your time to really consider these items. Ask another question: Do you really want these items? Can you use them, or at least display them? Some items, despite their sentimental values, are not practical and has no function other than occupying a space in your home. Keeping them around is a waste of your living space. But we understand that there are items that we just can’t get rid of, like your great-grandmother’s antique sewing machine, or your father’s vinyl record collection. Although you’re not into sewing or don’t own a vinyl record player, you still need to own them for remembrance of your loved ones. Here’s a smart solution for you: preserve these items by storing them away at Cube Self Storage.

Storing your sentimental items at Cube Self Storage helps you declutter your living space, and it gives you a peace of mind because our climate controlled and secured storage facility will preserve and ensure your items are safe. Also, despite these items are no longer visible in your living space, you’ll be relieved knowing that you still own them and that they are safe in your storage unit. This way, those beautiful sentiments will always be with you without cluttering your home.

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