6 reasons why you need student self storage.

You must have heard it countless times before: Enjoy your student life – It’s going to be the best time of your lives, live it up and enjoy it to the fullest. And do you know what’s even better than student life on a whole? Semester break!

It’s that time when you don’t have to worry about exams and still don’t have any full-time work commitments. Yes, FREEDOM!

Semester breaks can be from two weeks right up to three months long, and now schools are having their 2 weeks mid-year break. No matter what your plans are for this break, know that you’ll always be able to store your belongings with Cube Self Storage and get the most out of your semester break.

1. The Fun
Semester break is something we all look forward to as students. It’s the time you get to do whatever you want and whenever you want, such as going back to your hometown to spend time with family, go abroad for an internship programme, or simply travel the world.

2. The Freedom
No tie-downs with Cube’s flexible and affordable student storage plans. With a month or two to three months semester break, it wouldn’t be wise to rent your current accommodation and not utilise it. Save cost by moving your stuff into self storage till next semester starts. You can store all you want for however long you want. Don’t worry, we’ll downsize and upsize according to your storage needs so you’ll only pay for the space you need.

3. The Independence
You won’t have to sheepishly ask your parents, relatives and friends if there’s a space at their home to store your belongings temporarily. You’ll also have the privacy of storing your stuff without worrying about your nosey brother, sister, cousin or friend, snooping through your stuff.

4. The Friendships
We are all about building relationships. Our friendly Cube Customer Service Staff will advise the best way to make full use of your student self storage units and if you need any help or friendly advice, we are here to help. And did we mention that we value our friendship with you?

5. The Knowledge
With studying comes books, books and more books. These books aren’t only thick and heavy but they take up space as well. There’s no point of renting your current accommodation to keep all your books while you’re away, or worse, lugging them all the way home. It’ll only be a waste of your energy and money.

With Cube’s Student Self Storage, you can store all your belongings and enjoy your semester break without worries. All the while, knowing your items are safely secured till you get back.

Enjoy your freedom with Cube Student Self Storage.