Do you love reading? Have you always dreamt of having a cosy reading corner one day? Similar to the ones you’ve seen on TV or in the magazines? What if we told you, you could! Even at present, when you’re living the student life!

That’s right, you can own a cost reading corner these 3 simple steps!

Visualize Your Reading Corner

The most important step in creating a specialized space is to visualize exactly how it should look. Things have a way of blending each other out. Clearly define your reading nook by creating an invisible border.

I’ve always found it better to have your back facing the wall, looking out into the room. You may prefer a spot next to the window.

Then, move a plush armchair in and decorate it with fluffy pillows. An ottoman will be great to stretch your legs while you immerse yourself in a good book or two.

Bring in some beanie bags. Decorate it to fit your own style and personality!

Lamps and Loaded Bookshelves

Fix up a bookshelf and move it close to your cosy armchair. That way, you’ll be able to reach your books easily and have them on full display. Add in a side table, so you can place a warm mug of cocoa and a plate of biscuits.

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Don’t forget the lampshade, your eyes need some care too! You’ll start to see your reading corner take shape, inviting you in.

Master Space Management

Who says students can’t live comfortably? With Cube Self Storage you definitely, can! We understand as a student, life in a dormitory or renting a room can make space pretty limited. That’s why we are here for you!

Sign up for Cube’s Student Storage today and get more space to accommodate your belongings at your current accommodation so you can live your student life to the fullest.

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