Four Ways to celebrate Hari Raya while practicing Social Distancing, The 3 ‘C’s And 3 ‘W’s

This year, Aidilfitri celebrations will definitely be different from all the other years! Our Director-General of Health, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said this year’s Raya will be an “unprecedented and unique” one and it sure feels that way!

Although, we are practising physical distancing, it does not mean we have to be socially disconnected!

Here’s how you can celebrate #Raya without breaking social distancing SOPs.

  1. Use technology to stay connected this Raya

With interstate travel ban in place, #BalikKampung or returning to hometowns is prohibited throughout the conditional movement control order. This has caused many Malaysians to be separated from their families during this festive occasion as many are living far apart in their respective hometowns. Though, there will be less hugs all around this year but we still can greet/wish each other virtually! While, Raya won’t feel the same with everyone under one roof, baking cookies and cooking #rendang. Luckily, there’s a thing called video calls! Round up your loved ones, set a date and have a group call in your very own “Virtual Raya Open House” of up to 50 people!

  1. Send ‘Duit Raya’ via E-Wallets

Every year, children look forward to #DuitRaya (Green Money Packets!). Traditionally, adults would give out cash to children in sealed green packets. Don’t break the tradition, this year! You can still put a smile on their faces by sending #DuitRaya electronically through e-wallets. There are just so many virtual wallet applications available these days to choose from!

  1. Celebrate #Raya with a homely, closed-door celebration

This year, Malaysians are to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri by staying home and are encouraged “closing their homes” to visitors. An unusual concept as opposed to the usual concept of organising “Open Houses” during celebrations. On the first day of Raya, Malaysians will be allowed to celebrate with a maximum of 20 people allowed in a house at a time depending on the size of their home.

  1. Practice Social Distancing, the 3 ‘C’s and the 3 ‘W’s

Most importantly, always remember to keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre from others and to comply with the 3 ‘C’s and the 3 ‘W’s. During celebrations, avoid the 3 ‘C’s (Confined spaces, Crowded places and Close Conversation) and practice the 3 ’W’s (Wear a face mask, Wait at least a meter apart when in a queue [the greater the distance, the better!] and Wash your hands frequently – for at least 20 seconds with soap and water).

If you are inviting guests over to your home for celebrations on the first day of #Raya, do remember to ensure you and your guests keep a safe distance of at least one metre from others and be mindful of the space of your home.

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While, Raya is going to feel a whole lot different this year, but let us not let Covid-19 dampen our #Raya spirit. Let’s celebrate and adapt to the new normal this Hari Raya and keep our loved ones and our fellow Malaysians safe.

From all of us at Cube Self Storage, we wish you and all our valued customers “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri”. Enjoy!