One wonderful year and counting in giving you our best service.

Storage space is always a challenge that one has to face when living in a city like Kuala Lumpur. Temporary storage is always on demand during renovations or transitions from one space to another; businesses need more space to store inventory and documents; private collectors and hobbyists need climate controlled storage to preserve their rare collections; avid travellers need a permanent base to keep personal belongings so that they can travel light, bringing only items they need; and we all need storage solutions to create a clutter-free and spacious home.

Over the year we’ve met many customers from different walks of life with different storage requirements. One of them is Jeremy, who runs an event company called JIXE Events. JIXE stands for Joy, Innovation, Excitement and Entertainment—the four standards that his company subscribes to for the works that they do, which is organising corporate luncheon/dinner, corporate gimmicks, product launch, road shows, themed parties, and many more.

Every unique event that JIXE organises would come with unique items and decorations. It would be a waste to get rid of these items, but storing them would be challenging. So, Jeremy came to Cube Self Storage for a storage solution. He told us, “As an Event Solution Provider, I don’t want to go through the dilemma of throwing or keeping my custom-made products and decorations. These items can always be reused and be rented out again.”

Our climate-controlled storage and managed warehouse have housed Jeremy’s items for about nine months now. Every so often, he would come to retrieve items for an event or to store more items from his previous projects. He said, “I can keep most of my reusable items/props and save money in the long run. And I can also help my clients store their items temporarily. Cube Self Storage is always helpful and accommodating. In my industry, my hours are different from the regular office hours but Cube will always respond and always be on standby to assist me.” It is our greatest pleasure to be able to provide Jeremy and JIXE Events a storage solution, and we’re glad that we could help him and his company.

At Cube Self Storage, we take pride in providing storage solutions that satisfy our customers. Furthermore, we work hard to make sure your experience with us is hassle-free and efficient. With over twenty years of knowledge and experience operating self-storage in the UK and Hong Kong markets, Cube Self Storage Malaysia is continuing to grow and improve to cater to the storage needs in Malaysia. It has been a wonderful one year. We are excited and looking forward to growing our business and services, and we want to do it with you.