We make your transit and storage experience safe and easy

Protecting your valuable, fragile items during transit and storage is our crate’s top priority. In addition to making your packing and storing process efficient, Cube’s plastic crates are environmentally friendly.

1. Environmentally friendly crate.

In reducing the amount of paper usage, we encourage everyone to use plastic crates as an alternative to cardboard boxes. Cube’s Easycrate are premium-quality plastic crates that are made of durable polypropylene plastic, which makes them sturdy, reusable, and most importantly recyclable.

2. Pack efficiently and Store safely.

Avoid the trouble of breaking cardboard boxes and the need to clear up the boxes later by renting Cube’s plastic crates. Not only are they sturdy and efficient, our crates come with an integral lid. When stacked, the integral lid will interlock with the crate on top. This feature reduces movement during transit and makes organising easy. Furthermore, it is safer to stack these crates in your storage unit than stacking cardboard boxes.

3. Who should use Easycrate?

Everyone who needs efficient packing, moving and storing of valuable items. At Cube Self Storage, we provide crates for all kinds of projects: planned moves, relocations, or simply protection and organisation of your stored items.

4. Ordering Cube’s Easycrate.

Our plastic crates come in 3 sizes you can choose from:

i. Computer Lidded Crate – 635 (L) x 535 (W) x 590 (H) mm;
ii. Standard Lidded Crate – 635 (L) x 410 (W) x 325 (H) mm;
iii. Metre Lided Crate – 1050 (L) x 425 (W) x 341 (H) mm.

Contact us now to get a quote. You can either drop by our storage facility to pick them up or we can arrange the crates to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Let us know your storage requirements and we will be more than happy to assist you on the number of crates you need.