As more Malaysians embrace the idea of working from home, they feel the need to clear out clutter and focus on what’s important. COVID-19 has thought us that clarity and creativity are far more beneficial than just having “stuff” around you that you never use.

We’ve compiled a list of 21 minimalist living room concepts you can copy to recreate your space, from rustic to industrial, and even Japanese-inspired ideas.

Rustic Minimalism

Rustic minimalism is a style that focuses on making your living room, well, live-able. These ideas focus on making room for people to gather in, discuss, and socialize. This style is also well-known for making use of natural elements like wood in the most basic form.

Pictures source: Inspired spaces

Eclectic Minimalist Living Room

The Eclectic style involves experimenting with wild combinations to find something that works together. This style is way more difficult to achieve. It involves blending modern and traditional interior design elements into a harmonious minimalistic living room.

Pictures source: Decoraid

Beach House Minimalist Living Room

Sure, not everyone has a beach house, but these concepts will work for living rooms that have large windows and a lot of sunlight.

The important thing in this design is to take into account the shifting direction and intensity of sunlight throughout the day, and the activities you’ll be doing at those times. High ceilings is a must!

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Industrialist Living Room

This style of creating a minimalist living room is unique as it uses more industrial elements like metal, bare concrete, and glass.

Source: Impressive interior design

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Modern City Scape Designs

Now, this is something a lot of us can relate to! This style of minimalist living room design works well for condos and apartments overlooking the city.

Again, you’ll find a lot of emphasis on sunlight, but also a way to shut off annoying light pollution at night.

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Japanese-Inspired Minimalism

Japanese design has always been unique and highly sought-after. Minimalism is not a new concept for the Japanese though, as generally speaking their interior design taste has always been somewhat minimalistic.

Of course, you’ll need Japanese-inspired furniture, colors and natural wood furniture made from Japanese lumber.


Classic White Minimalism

Some people find all-white minimalist living rooms boring. Others find it peaceful with a divine-like atmosphere. I mean, don’t these living rooms feel like you’re in heaven? not recommended for families with young graffiti-prone kids!


Creating a minimalist living room, or any type of minimalist space, requires a complete rethink of what space means to you.

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