5 easy house moving tips everyone needs to know!

Yes, it’s that time you have been waiting for in so long! You’ve settled the paperwork and got the keys to your new home. Now, all that’s left to do is move in. That means you also have to move out from your current accommodation and start packing. No worries, with Cube Self Storage we make moving and packing easy for you with these 5 great tips!

1. Plan early, set a timeline.

With early planning and a set timeline, you’ll be able to plan and execute your move with ease and precision. Break up the tasks on your to-do-list into manageable chunks. Evaluate how long each task would take you and mark it on the calendar. Remember to give yourself ample time to do things so you’ll have peace of mind to smoothly transition into your new home. As long as you plan well, you won’t run far from the timelines!

2. Go through your stuff!

The most important element to house moving is to choose what to bring along into your new home! Allocate some time to decide what items to keep, store, sell, donate or toss. Pack the items you want to store for safekeeping until later into boxes and save space by storing them with us at our climate controlled storage facility. We offer flexible and affordable storage plans to cater to all your needs. Speak to us for a free quote!

3. Host a Packing Party!

Yes, a party! Who says moving house can’t be fun? It can, if there’s family and friends around to help you! With extra help, the packing process will go quickly and stress-free! Get the packing boxes, marker pens, scissors, packing tape and gather your army and start packing! Unsure of where to purchase the packing materials? We’ve got your back! All these items are just a click away. Simply order online from our Box Shop and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep.

4. Throw a Moving Out Sale!

So, you’ve sorted through your stuff and know what to bring, keep, giveaway or sell. Why not throw a moving out sale while you’re at it? This will help you to move the stuff you don’t want to keep and make you some fast cash! Plus, you’ll get to catchup with neighbours and friends and inform them of your move.

5. Finally: the BIG move!

The moment you’ve planned has finally come, it’s time to move into your new home! Move the big items (sofa, TV set, appliances, bed frames and others) straight into your home and move the extra piles of boxes into Cube Self Storage. This way you won’t clutter your home with piles of piles of boxes. With easy accessibility to our storage facility, you can slowly sort and arrange your items in your new home without having to clutter your new home with non-essential items!

What are you waiting for? Strategically plan your move with us today! Speak to our friendly customer service staff today at 03 7772 9171 or drop us a line at cs@cubeselfstorage.my. Happy moving!