6 benefits of a clutter-free home

Come on and let’s celebrate! A brand new year of endless possibilities awaits you in 2019. With the new year here, it’s now time to make new year resolutions and get the home in order. An organised home boosts productivity placing you on the right track to achieve your goals this 2019!

Here, are six benefits of having a clutter-free home.

1. Reduces Anxiety

A tidy house can make you feel calm and rested. Just the very thought of going home to a cluttered house, triggers the brain to be overwhelmed.  A cluttered house could also give you a mini panic attack should anyone suggests of popping by for a visit. Sounds like you? Then, it’s definitely time to clear that pile of books scattered all across the living room and place them neatly on shelves or in storage boxes. Too many boxes? Cube Self Storage can help you to store your boxes to give you more room at home. Don’t worry, you can retrieve your belongings anytime you like.

2. Improves sleep

Do you miss sleeping soundly at night? It could be that huge pile of laundry piled up to the ceiling at the edge of your bed that is causing you sleepless nights or even the bathroom that needs cleaning. Or is it just that mess in the guest bedroom that somehow turned into a storeroom this past year? An overactive mind can make it hard for your mind to tune down for the night and get the rest you need. Time to sort it out and store your extra furnishings with Cube Self Storage so that you can fully utilise your home’s living space and get that deep sleep your body is longing for!

3. Boosts Productivity & Creativity

Ideas seem to run dry lately? Do you love writing but do you find yourself having writer’s block? Are you a songwriter who just can’t seem to get the tune right? Or an artist who cannot find your art inspiration? A cluttered home could be one of the reasons why. Time to declutter and get the good energy flowing into the house by storing items that you don’t use regularly with Cube Self Storage.

4. Saves time

A messy house can also steal your time! A simple task like finding your car keys when you are about to leave the house can take minutes off your schedule and put you in a bad mood. Time to put things in order by reorganising your living space. Clear some items and put the items you don’t use daily into storage with Cube! Then, allocate a designated place to put your car keys, wallet or handbag so that you can easily grab them when you’re headed out, saving you precious time.

5. A Clean House

Do you find yourself sneezing all the time at home? A messy home can harbour parasites and mites that pose a risk to your health. Items that you don’t use daily can accumulate dust. These airborne particles often get blown throughout the entire house and collects in the air conditioning filter, aggravating allergies. High time to get the filters changed and store items that you don’t use daily with Cube. Cube’s climate controlled storage is perfect to protect your items from dust, mould and humidity. Remember, a healthy body will also boost your productivity and creativity.

6. Less Hazardous

Are you always tripping or knocking into things and injuring yourself at home? It could be the clutter of toys on the floor or just having too much furniture in the house. Time to declutter and move unused items into storage with Cube. Sometimes, less is better. With more space to walk around, you will feel lighter and even concentrate better. Best part is, you are less likely to hurt yourself.  

Let’s start decluttering and begin the new year right, hello 2019!