Cleaning your house thoroughly would often result in a sense of accomplishment and serenity, but the process of cleaning the whole house (or even the thought of it) may be daunting. No need to despair as here’s 6 tips that will make your cleaning process an effortless and wonderful experience.

 1. Make a plan.

Never treat cleaning your house as a deadline rush because it will only induce unwanted stress. Stay calm instead, and create a cleaning checklist.

– List down all areas of your home that needs cleaning;
– Methods and tools, you’ll need;
– Date, time, duration to complete a task, as well as break time.

2. Take one area at a time.

Never rush to clean the whole house at once, but focus on one space at a time. Always ensure that one space is polished and organised before moving on to the next room. Trust us, the victory of cleaning one space will motivate you to clean the next space.

3. Save the floor for last.

The pain of seeing a recently polished floor get caked over with dust and filth from walls and ceilings is real. So, work smartly — floors always come last because you don’t want to mop your floor multiple times.

4. One-box cleaning tools

You don’t have to wander around your house looking for your duster anymore if all your cleaning tools are in one place. Put them in a large storage box (Cube Self Storage has a 15%* box deal now) to avoid clutter. You’ll be thanking yourself for doing just that in the future whenever you’re cleaning your house.

5. Make cleaning a musical experience.

A soundtrack for cleaning your house? Yes! Sing along to your song playlist and dance to your favourite tunes. This is fun especially when you’re cleaning your house as a family or with your housemates. Even better, perhaps, when you’re cleaning on your own because nobody is watching or listening to your “house cleaning musical.” Another great option would be to listen to a stand-up comedy, podcast or an audiobook. This definitely will make the whole cleaning process enjoyable and effortless.

6. Organising Daily Essentials and your Non-Frequently Used Items

One important aspect of cleaning is that it also allows you to better organize your belongings. Let’s be honest, there are many things that we keep that we don’t use on a daily basis. Some may be seasonal and only see high usage at certain times of the year. Good examples include festive decorations and party dresses. You would not need to have these items front and centre most of the time and it’s best to store them properly in a place that will not get in the way of your daily routines. However, even if they are not on your mind most of the time, they may well be taking up some precious space that you would rather free up for your other daily items. The best solution for this is to store elsewhere, such as Cube Self Storage’s secure climate controlled facility. Whether it’s your favourite party dress or baby items for the next child you are planning to have, you can be confident that they will be properly stored until you need them.


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