A Quick Guide to Storing Rugs and Carpet

Storing rugs and carpets correctly is necessary to avoid losing their shapes, attracting pests, and accumulating unwanted odours. Trust us, the process is not long and arduous. Just follow these 5 tips and you’ll be just fine:

1. Clean before store.

Cleaning your rugs and carpet before storing them should always be the first step. Lift as much dust and other microscopic particles from your rugs as possible. Vacuuming is the common cleaning method, but make sure to double-check because different cleaning methods may apply depending on the materials of your rugs and carpets. For instance, most woven or braided rugs are washable. You can place them in a zippered mesh laundry bag and wash them on gentle cycle, followed by tumble dry on low setting. Oriental rugs can be cleaned like how you would clean a wool rug: once a year sun exposure. For fur, sheepskin and hair-on hides rugs, you can shake unscented talcum powder on them and then leave it alone for a few hours before brushing the powder through the hair and shaking it out. If you’re not sure how to clean your rugs and carpets, you can always talk to your seller.

2. Protection from moths and other insects.

Once you’re done cleaning your rugs, take an extra care to protect them from moths and insects. You can use a moth and insect repellent, but make sure to get one that is designed specifically for fabrics.

3. Always roll your rugs for storage.

Folding your rug and carpet can lead to creases, cracks and other damage. So, never fold always roll. However, before you start rolling, figure out which way to roll by determining which is more fragile—the back or the pile of the rug where the fibres are. Generally, the pile is more delicate and you should roll with the pile facing inward. Make sure to keep the roll as straight as possible. Here’s an extra tip: use a rod for keep the rolling straight.

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4. Wrap your rugs and carpets in breathable fabrics

After rolling your rugs and carpets, wrap them around with cotton sheet or muslin at least one and a half times. Remember, never use plastic wrap because it is not breathable. If you want better protection, use a polyurethane rug wrap instead. This wrap is specifically designed for rugs and carpet to provide barrier against moisture and insect.

5. Store in a cool, and dry environment.

Wherever you store your rugs and carpet, make sure the space is cool, dry and away from direct sunlight. An ideal storage space for your rugs and carpets is a climate-controlled storage. But if you choose to store in a non-climate-controlled environment, use a fan to keep the air moving and dry to avoid mildew problems. Keep your rugs and carpets on an elevated surface because carpet beetles like to reside between the floor and the back of your rugs. Also, make sure to consistently clean the storage area (vacuuming, dusting, etc.). At Cube Self Storage, you can expect all these requirements being fulfilled for both our climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled storage.

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