Preserve your Musical Instruments at Cube Self Storage

Musical instruments are expensive, but it is a great investment. The good news is, musical instruments can last more than a lifetime if they are well maintained and stored properly. That means your great grandchildren can inherit your music instruments. Who knows, they might turn out to be the next legendary musicians!

So, if you want to set aside your instruments to pass them on to your grandchildren, or whatever your reasons are to need to store your musical instruments, make sure to store them properly in a secured storage space. Here’s a few tips on preparing your musical instruments for storage and where to store them.

1. Woodwind and String Instruments.

Before storing any instrument make sure to clean them first. When cleaning an instrument be sure to use the right tools, which you can get from music stores. Never use household cleaners as they can damage your instrument. Use tissue paper between the pads of your woodwind instrument to keep them from becoming sticky. If your instrument can be broken down into sections you should separate them to prevent pressure on the joints. For string instruments, make sure to release the tension on the strings to prevent the string from snapping or the neck from warping.

2. Wood Instruments.

Clean and condition your wood instruments with a specially formulated wax paste before storing. Remember, avoid oil or alcohol-based polish as they would dry out and deteriorate your wood instruments. When placing your instrument inside its case, cover it with a clean cotton cloth for extra protection. Also, you may place a zippered polyethylene bag inside your enclosed instrument case for protection against humidity.

3. Drums and Piano Storage.

For piano, you don’t have to release the string tension because they are designed to handle tons of pressure. However, piano legs, pedals and bench should be wrapped in heavy padding. For drums, you need to loosen the drum skins to keep them from stretching. Always cover your pianos and drums with a tarp or a sheet to protect them from dust.

4. Wrap your rugs and carpets in breathable fabrics

Like all non-electrical musical instruments, cleaning your electric instrument has to be done properly before storing them away. If your instrument is stringed, relax the strings before putting it into its case. Covering your instruments with a clean cloth before putting them back into the case is always a good idea to protect them from dust. Don’t keep suspension cords in the case together with your instrument, separate them to prevent scratches.

5. Storage for All Musical Instruments.

Once you’ve cleaned and prep your musical instruments for storage, bring them to your storage unit (if you don’t have one yet give us a call). Avoid placing your instruments directly on the floor. Always use shelves or pallets. Also, be sure to store them in a climate-controlled storage where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate drastically and humidity is at an optimum level. Make sure that the storage facility is secured with CCTVs and security guards.

If you’re looking for a reliable climate-controlled storage space, contact Cube Self Storage today at 03-7772 9171 or email at Our friendly customer service will be more than happy to assist you.