A Spacious Home is Brighter, Cleaner, Fresher, Joyful & Healthier

With the on-going Movement Restriction Order, everyone stays at home all day and all night. Your home is your sanctuary at this time around, and space is rather crucial for the well-being of all your household members. Remember, a spacious home is always brighter, cleaner, fresher, joyful and healthier. So, here are 5 ways to make your home more spacious:

  1. Declutter and clean your house.

Regardless the size of your home, chances are your living space feels and looks small because of clutter. Opening up your house to create more space requires decluttering and cleaning before anything else, which include:

  • Clearing and cleaning all countertops
  • Reorganising all sections of your home
  • Identify non-essentials, and items that you don’t use regularly to store them away

Decluttering and cleaning do not only make your house spacious, but they also make the room brighter with clean air and better air flow. Don’t worry about your non-essentials and items that you don’t use regularly, let us store them for you.

  1. Use lightweight curtains.

To obtain a spacious home, you must avoid thick curtains as they absorb light, limit air flow, and reduce natural light from entering your home. Use light fabrics with neutral colours instead, and you will feel the difference right away—brighter, cooler, and spacious with improved air circulation.

  1. Use mirrors.

Mirrors have a magical ability to give the illusion of depth, to bounce light around the room through reflection, and improve brightness. Use a single large mirror in a room or a group of smaller mirrors together; rearrange them to create the illusion of space and to control the movement of natural light.

  1. Optimize your furniture.
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Furniture usually takes up a lot of space and blocks light. You can’t just exclude furniture to obtain the space that you want, but you can always optimize the furniture in your house. For instance, choose furniture that has legs—being able to see through furniture creates a sense of spaciousness. Also, choose multi-purpose furniture that serves more than one needs in your living space. This way you can reduce the number of furniture occupying a space. Thinking of selling your furniture and replace them with better furniture? Store your old furniture with Cube Self Storage while you look for a buyer, and start creating more space with new furniture now.

  1. Reorganise and improve your home’s traffic flow.

If you notice that it is not easy to move from one room or space to another, then you know that your home’s traffic needs improvement. Even though you’ve obtained the space that you wanted, bad traffic flow within your home makes your living space feel small. So, remove any obstacles through reorganisation, and utilise every space adequately.

When it comes to spacious living, the size of your home does not matter, what matters the most is how you utilise the space that you have. Cube Self Storage has been helping many homes with storage solutions to improve their living space. Want to create a spacious home? Contact us today at 0194914639/0196952349 or drop us an email at cs@cubeselfstorage.my and enjoy 1-month FREE storage (T&C Apply).