Find out how preparing for your marketing roadshows with Cube Self Storage can positively impact your business.

Marketing roadshows are a great way to build brand awareness of a new product or the company as a whole. And the key to a great roadshow comes with meticulous preparation; taking into account the design and execution of an eye-catching stand to the detailed product information on brochures, promotional leaflets, samples and even brand costumes to attract potential customers. All this takes a lot of effort and time, but most importantly with not so insignificant costs. Let’s be honest, every business wants to get more business with less expenses, and to do so, marketing roadshow management has to be done effectively. Here’s how Cube Self Storage can help you in your next roadshows:

Get more out of your stands and displays

Marketing stands and displays often take up too much space to keep after use. Rather than disposing of them, store them with us until your next event; not only will you cut costs by reusing these marketing items, but you will also save time and energy in re-designing and re-creating them for your upcoming roadshows. This also applies to the comfortable chairs, nice desks and brand enhancing decor that helps in customers’ engagement with your products and services during roadshows. So, by storing everything in one place, you can avoid the hassle of finding them when preparing for your next roadshow. In addition, you can be certain that your marketing items are stored safely away from unwanted heat or humidity and ready for next use.

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Get more samples and brochures out!

Having to store boxes and boxes of samples, giveaways and brochures in your office is no fun… worst of all, when there’s just no space back at the office. Plus, most event locations offer limited storage space or none at all for all your marketing materials. With self storage, you won’t have to worry about running out of samples or brochures or be stuck with stacks of it at the office before, during or after the event. Self storage has got all your storage needs covered so there’s no need to sell yourself short and miss out on any business opportunity that comes your way.

Better organised for a better focus

By using self storage, you will be able to manage your product samples, giveaways and brochures better. Instead of worrying about these things, you can focus mainly on your customers, and have better concentration working in a decluttered, spacious office. Now that justifying whether to throw away marketing materials or not because they are getting in your way is no longer an issue, you’re all set to score big in your next roadshow!

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