Keep your client’s space clutter-free with Cube Self Storage

If you’re an interior designer, it is likely that you understand how crucial space management is for your on-going projects. Every interior designer wants a satisfied smile from a client, but keeping a client happy is challenging when new furniture and accessories arrive, cluttering the client’s personal space. Cube Self Storage offers a smart solution that could make any designer’s work hassle-free.

1. A Smart Storage Solution

Many interior designers, especially the ones who are new to the industry, are based out of their own homes or small office spaces. It is impossible to store furniture and accessories in a limited space without cluttering the room. So, rather than using your work space as storage for your clients’ items, store everything away at Cube Self Storage and use your work space as a wow-inducing showroom or a professional meeting area to convene with your clients.

2. Benefits of a commercial address and a secured storage facility

Our commercial address allows interior designers to schedule deliveries directly to our storage facility. Furthermore, we will assist in receiving the items and making sure that they are stored safely in your storage unit. With our round-the-clock CCTV, biometric access system, and security guards safeguarding the storage parameter, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your clients’ new furniture and decorative pieces are safe until the final installation.

3. Advantages of using a climate-controlled storage unit

A climate-controlled storage is always the best option to store furniture, fabrics, and accessories. At Cube Self Storage, our climate-controlled storage units are kept between 20-25 degree Celsius all year round, which means all items are safe from any temperature-related damage, including mould and mildew that are common to damage fabrics and wooden items. In addition to this, our indoor, closed storage area protects your clients’ items from dust, dirt and unwanted pests.

4. Moving arrangements

Avoid the hassles of arranging movers and lorries to transport your client’s items for the final installation. We work closely with several reliable third-party moving companies to help you with the moving process so that you can focus solely on finishing your design. The best part about this is that our team will help handle the moving arrangements for free.

Make the smart move today by contacting our friendly customer service, and get a FREE quotation. Utilise your home and/or office space as a showroom or a professional meeting space, and keep your clients’ items safe at Cube Self Storage