4 things to consider before renovating your restaurant.

Dining at a restaurant is not solely about the food; it’s about the whole dining experience including services and the ambiance of the space. The likelihood of customers returning to visit a restaurant after giving high rate for the food drops about twenty to thirty percent when they are not pleased with the ambiance of the restaurant. Hence, remodelling your restaurant can increase your sales up to twenty percent. But before you renovate your restaurant, consider these 4 things:

1. Focus on high demand areas and where you can generate revenue.

When it comes to restaurant renovation, practicality has to come first before aesthetic. If your restaurant sells alcoholic beverages, expanding your bar might be an obvious choice to renovate as alcohol yields high margins. However, it is always worthy to explore all renovation possibilities including private dining rooms, enhanced seating and even take-out windows. Remember, the main focus here is to boost the high demands within the different sections of your restaurant as well as adding and improving other areas so that you can increase revenue.

2. Examine Kitchen efficiency.

Other than planning how you want your restaurant to look like, you need to think about improving your service efficiency as well. One way you can do this is to investigate the kitchen efficiency. Talk to your kitchen staff to see all the areas that needs to be reorganised and/or upgraded. Kitchen remodels can be costly. Therefore, careful planning is crucial to stay on track with your budget.

3. Be aware of your restaurant’s demographics.

Before deciding on a particular aesthetic to create the ambiance of your restaurant, make= sure to take a closer look at your customer base. Taking into account the customer demographic within the vicinity of your restaurant’s location will give a clear renovation direction on what should be improved in your restaurant in order to attract more customers of the same demographic and also others. Thus, establishing a bigger customer base and generate more sales.

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4. Trendy restaurant styles might not be a wise choice.

It is tempting to follow the latest trend in restaurant style, but any style can be out of date in just a few years. You can consider a classic look instead of a trendy look, because a classic look can stay relevant regardless of the ever-changing restaurant trend. A better way to pick a style is to incorporate your own unique personality and perspective into the restaurant look. You might just end up creating a new trend or at least a unique restaurant that would attract curious customers. Opting for a look that can withstand the test of time definitely saves money in the long run because you don’t have to do renovations over and over again,
and your restaurant will always stay fresh and relevant in the face of new (and old) competition for a long time. Whether you’re doing a major or minor restaurant renovation, any remodelling is always a good investment. Cube Self Storage is always happy to assist you in storing all your items during your renovation period. Once the remodelling is done, your items will be in the same condition and ready
for the new renovated space.

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