Let your Raya Preparation be a Fun and Stress-Free Experience.

Raya is just around the corner! And in the spirit of Raya festivity, here are 5 tips that would help you to save and NOT overspend this year.

1. Raya Checklist!

Checklist makes planning organized. List down things you need to prepare and buy — from baju raya, decorations, duit raya, to the household tasks that need to be done before raya. Remember, when listing down things you need to get always keep your budget in mind.

2. Plan your rumah terbuka menu now.

With Raya SALES everywhere it is tempting to get things you don’t really need. Here’s our tip on how to shop smartly this Raya: Make a list of things you need, and then window shop before shopping. Window shop online before you go to the store will narrow down your choices, and also saves your time and energy when you do the shopping because you would already know what you need to get before going to the store.

3. Homemade Kuih Raya.

Perhaps this year is the year for you to make your own kuih raya, and baking is a fun thing to do with your loved ones. Trust us, this is a great family bonding activity. Not to mention, your guests will appreciate your kuih raya even more knowing that they are homemade.

4. Not everything needs to be new. 

Cut down your spending by using what you already have. You don’t really need new furniture, new curtains, or new silverwares in your house to go with your new baju raya. Clothes, furniture, crockery, decorative items and accessories can be reused. If you already got rid of last year’s items, make sure to get items that last long this year so that you can store and reuse for next year’s Raya. Never worry about storage space, we’ve got you covered. Our facility has a wide range of storage space that would definitely fit your storage requirement — starting from 16 sq. ft. up to 100 sq. ft.

5. Get your house ready for Raya.

All cleaning starts now! But don’t do everything at once. Clean gradually from one area to another. Create daily task and make sure to complete the tasks. Remember, always keep in mind that you need to create a spacious area for your guests. Decluttering your home, and then storing your non-essentials and bulky furniture temporarily at our climate controlled storage, is a smart solution to create that spacious living room.

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