Creating space for your new born without cluttering your home is possible with Cube Self Storage

A self storage unit shouldn’t be the last thing for you to consider when you’re doing a family planning. You’ll be surprised with the amount of stuff you’ll need, like car seats, strollers, changing station, clothing, toys, and so forth. And the list continues to grow as your child grows older. Here’s how Cube Self Storage is a smart solution for family planning:

  1. Declutter and clearing up space before the baby is born.

Creating a nursery room or a space for your new-born requires clearing up some space at home. Also, you might want to make a guest room for family members or friends who will come to visit or help to take care of you after birth. A storage unit can help you clear up and create these spaces. Store everything that you don’t need in a storage unit, and make sure to keep away fragile collectibles, camping gears, sport equipment, heirlooms, and anything that may be dangerous to babies and toddlers. Once your children are older and less likely to accidentally stumble across these items, you can bring them back into your home.

  1. Store for your next child.

Even if you are not sure if you are going to have another kid, or perhaps you are planning to have another, it’s always a smart move to keep your firstborn’s clothes, strollers, toys and everything that she or he has overgrown. Hand-me-downs will save you time and energy to shop, and most importantly, you can save money.

  1. Cube Self Storage as your family time capsule.

Many parents hold onto their firstborn’s items for sentimental reasons. Not only because they could pass down these items to their next child, but also they could start a family time capsule. Your children, when they are older, would enjoy walking down memory lane as much as you would with these memorabilia. At Cube Self Storage, our climate controlled storage units are suitable for long term storage, and it would preserve and protect your items from weather damage.

Contact us today as you start your journey into family planning. We will assist you and ease your experience when it comes to creating space for your kids.