A Special Mother’s Day Interview with our employee and her lovely mom!

In honour of Mother’s Day, Cube Self Storage decided to do something special this year! We decided to highlight the mothers who have raised amazing individuals in our industry. So, we sat down with one of our very own Cube Self Storage employee, Steffie and her lovely mom, Felicity to divulge us with some insights to their very close and special mother daughter bond!

What’s your favourite part about being a mom?

Felicity: My favourite part about being a mom is seeing her happy and being able to see her grow as each day passes from tiny feet and pigtails into the person she has become.

What do you both have in common?

Felicity: Well, people say she’s a MINI ME! We sometimes sport the same hairstyle and we share quite the same tastes in clothing.

Steffie: When I answer the phone, people sometimes think I am my mother. They say we sound the same!

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to motherhood?

Felicity: Making sure she grows up with the right moral values and getting her to learn the piano! Being a piano teacher, I dreamt of her becoming the next virtuoso but getting her to sit in front of the piano to practice her scales just wasn’t something she was into.

What advice did your mom give you that you remember best?

Steffie: No matter what happens, to always look at the bright side of things.

What do you both love doing together?

Felicity and Steffie: FOOD!!

Steffie: We love going food hunting. We are always up to try out the latest food and cafes nearby.

Felicity: Food is something we really ENJOY doing together!

If you could offer one piece of mommy advice, what would it be?

Love your child unconditionally and just support your child, in whatever she wants to do and let them flourish on their own.

If you could offer one piece of daughter advice, what would it be?

Always tell mom you love her! Even if you have a disagreement, know she only wants the best for you!

We hope you enjoyed this Cube Mother’s Day Special!

From all of us at Cube Self Storage, we thank the moms who have made us what we are today and wish all moms everywhere a very Happy Mother’s Day!