Make your transition into your new home hassle-free and easy with Cube

The transition into a new home can be full of surprises especially if your new home is in a new country. In addition to the new home, you’ll be adjusting to a new language, culture and environment. So, the move can be challenging. Here’s good news: Cube Self Storage can ease your transition into your new home.

Creating a familiar space in a new country.

As a new expatriate in a new country, having a welcoming and comfortable home is important. A home with familiar items will help you to adjust to the new environment, weather, languages, and culture. If you’re bringing all your belongings from your previous home, consider storing them in a storage facility first before moving everything into your new living space. Making plans on what items to bring into your new home gradually is better than bringing everything at once because you don’t want to clutter your home on your first few days in a new country. But if you can handle the clutter and are ready to create a new living space, then go for it. Just keep in mind that you can filter your furniture as you unpack — that way you won’t have to worry and stress about the extra items that you don’t need. You can store away these extra items at our storage facility until you decide what to do with them.

Avoid cluttering your new home.

If you’ve donated or sold your extra furniture and other items, do you still need extra storage space? Yes! Just knowing that you have a place to keep your non-essentials is a big stress reliever. Plus, you can continue using your storage unit to keep new items you purchase for yourself or for gifts. Most expats who moved for a job use our storage facility to store work-related materials and documents that they still need but don’t fit into their homes.

A solution to uncertain job placement.

One of our expatriate customers, Lucien, has been an expat for the past decade. He has been moving from country to country every three years depending on where he’s posted for work. Not sure where he will be in the future, he came to Cube Self Storage for a storage solution. He told us, “This is the first time I’ve used self- storage. As my work contract had come to an abrupt end, I needed time to figure out where my next work location would be.” Lucien has been storing his belongings with us for a few months now, and he said, “Using self-storage has saved me from having to send all my things back home without knowing whether I would actually return home or not. So, with my things in storage, I can easily travel while looking around for the next career move.”

Knowing that your belongings are stored safely in a climate-controlled storage facility with biometric access system and 24-hour surveillance would definitely give you a peace of mind wherever you are. Whether or not you’re an expat, you will always benefit from having a place to stash your non-essentials, collections or precious treasure.

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