How Creative People Overcame the Past Covid-19 Lockdown

Many countries around the world have been locked down because of Covid-19, and Malaysia has been badly affected. Although Malaysia has opened its borders this month and many economic activities are now permitted, people are still facing unemployment and poor business.
Since the outbreak, we’ve been spending more time at home. With nothing to do at home, many people start to look for ways to fill their time or earn extra money. People have also been able to find a new hobby or new objectives and change their life. Here are a few examples of what people used to do during quarantine;

  • Live Streaming E-commerce
    In the early days of the pandemic, many sellers went Live on various social media apps to improve their business cash flow. Consumers tended towards online shopping due to lockdown, and it is more convenient, safe, and cheaper to buy online. Live streaming has become a more popular trend all over the world.
    Whether they are business owners, changing careers, or trying to earn some extra cash, they all started to turn to live streaming marketing to let more people know about their products. There are numerous live streaming platforms today and their live streaming gimmicks are ever-changing. Now, we can get everything through live streaming including seafood, vegetables, fruits, clothes, food, electrical appliances, and much more. Live streaming e-commerce has become a booming industry due to the epidemic.
  • Changing Careers
    During the pandemic lockdown, many people have faced the crisis of losing their jobs or shutting down their companies, especially in the tourism, hotel, and airline industries. It has caused many people to change their careers in search of a second chance. For instance, flight attendants turned to becoming baristas, hotel executives turned to entrepreneurship, and so on, these stories are often being told around us. To start over is not easy, but people have learned to do what they must to survive these changing times.
  • Finding New Hobbies
    Can lockdown inspire creativity? There is some truth in that. Staying at home has meant that people have had to find new ways of spending their time. Some people have researched and tried new recipes during this period, others have started to work out at home, or take up planting or painting. Take advantage of your time at home to improve yourself and maybe you will discover your long-forgotten interests again.
  • Becoming Social Media Influencers or YouTubers
    Isolation at home has made us more dependent on the Internet, which has become a bridge between people. In addition to the live streaming mentioned above, some people have become Internet influencers. YouTube and other social medias are popular online platforms. People can provide new information and share their life in videos or pictures. It helps to accumulate a lot of popularity and fans. Despite the negative impact of the epidemic, there are still a group of YouTubers or influencers who have made a fortune in this epidemic era.

As the pandemic continues, we will all experience the days of quarantine. Isolation requires good air circulation and spacious space, so it is better to reserve space for your home. Cube Self Storage will provide one-stop storage solutions and storage offers for you so that you can stay at home comfortably during the epidemic. Contact us for more details.

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