A Coffee Capsules Venture – The Story of Muntjacc International

Coffee Capsules for Malaysians

Coffee capsules, especially Nespresso coffee capsules and Dolce Gusto coffee capsules, are becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia. The choices available, however, seem to be limited. Muntjacc International wants to tap into this buzzing new market and bring an assortment of new flavors to Malaysians.

Adlil Shah is originally from Kelantan and is currently staying in Kuala Lumpur. He has traveled around the world and has found a passion for coffee during his travel.

“While traveling, I found that many people around the globe love to drink coffee.  However, Malaysians drink coffee all the time without time limitations. Even after dinner, they would still drink coffee. Hence, inspired by the coffee drinking demand and the lifestyle of Malaysian, our business is established.”

In getting to know more about the business, we reached out to Shah through email.

Muntjacc International Sdn Bhd are the importer, distributor, and seller of roasted coffee beans, roasted ground coffee, fully automatic espresso coffee machines, coffee capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto and Nespresso machines. All of their products are fully imported from Italy. The products are under the brand “Caffe Tre Venezie” and “Caffe Bonini”.

Coffee has different flavours and types. Thus, customer’s preference also varies.

coffee capsules

“Some customers like dark roasted coffee and some like medium roasted coffee. Some love Robusta coffee and some love Arabica coffee. There are those who like the mix of Robusta and Arabica coffee and some others like flavored coffee.”

Due to the many preferences, Muntjacc International brought all types of coffee capsules from Italy to attend to their customer’s requests. 

“Our coffee products – “Caffe Tre Venezie” and “Caffe Bonini” consists of all types of coffee that suit customers’ preference. This is because we have been established in Italy for more than 50 years. We’ve perfected our craft and our customers are fully satisfied with our coffee’s taste and quality.”

When asked how the pandemic has affected the coffee capsules business, Adlil was happy to answer.

He wrote, “Our business was not affected during the pandemic. This is because we have our online shops in Facebook and Instagram to reach our customers and fulfill their orders. To be honest, the demand is higher during the pandemic.”

“This is mainly because there are more people who stayed at home and they are able to enjoy and taste their coffee more compared to how it was before the pandemic.” Shah continued.

Challenges of Coffee Capsules

“The major issue for my business is finding out where to store my products that have a safe environment and security. It is also crucial that the room temperature is not too hot. If I store the coffee capsules at a normal warehouse that is outdoors, this would raise a security issue and it will compromise the quality of the coffee.” Shah told us.

“Plus, I need the environment to be air-conditioned at all times. Mainly due to the fact that some of our products need to be stored at below 27°C.” he added. 

What Led You to Cube Self Storage?

When asked what was the main drive that led him to choose Cube Self Storage, he told us, “Of course, like I mentioned – security and an ideal room temperature are our main challenges in the safe-keeping of our coffee products.” 

They need a place that is easy to access via lorry. The fact being that their goods are being shipped from KLIA or Port Klang and to be directly sent to the storage.

“I need someone to help our company to receive our goods while waiting for our staff to reach the storage.” Shah said.

He added, “When I googled the internet – I found Cube Self Storage. Surprisingly, they offered services that exactly suit the requirements for my products.”

“Based on my experience with Cube Self Storage, my goods from KLIA were transported to Cube Self Storage with no hassle. The lorry could easily access the loading bay and Cube Self Storage’s team were very professional and helpful. My goods were unloaded and put in the storage unit in no time with no problem.’’ 

In the spirit of celebrating local businesses, we had asked Shah to share where the public can find their business.

“For those who want to open a café or for those who just want to change their existing coffee to the Italian taste or any individual that is looking for the original Italian coffee can find us at muntjacc.com or caffetreveneziemalaysia.com

They can also be contacted at 013-7591231, 013-8531278 or 013-8531273.

For the coffee lovers out there, go ahead and explore the experience that is Italian coffee capsules with Muntjacc International. If you’re also looking for a storage solution for your business or for personal use, visit our promotion page now to learn about our latest deals.

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