7 Must Do Things during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just less than a month away, and everyone is busy doing their shopping. During the New Year, we can see promotions everywhere. Do you have your Chinese New Year shopping list yet?

Check these 7 must-do items during Chinese New Year.

  1. Mandarin Oranges

We can see that Mandarin oranges are sold everywhere during the Chinese New Year. Mandarin Oranges sounds like “Gold” in the Cantonese language. So, having Mandarin oranges in your home is means riches and luck will be bestowed upon you.

2. Dry Seafood

Generally, families celebrating will prepare a rich reunion dinner to celebrate the Eve of Chinese New Year. Therefore, people will buy various dry seafood since the price is much lower during the Chinese New Year Sales. Dry seafood such as Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Dry Scallop, and Oyster, Chinese Sausage, etc.

3. Gift Box/Hampers

CNY cakes and goodies are popular as they bring the meaning of “good improvement” in the Chinese language. Normally, they are sent to the elders as a New Year gift.

There are different kinds of CNY gift boxes on the market, such as Mandarin Orange gift boxes, cake gift boxes, cookie gift boxes, etc., which are suitable for expressing your gratitude! By sending a sweet gift box, it means you are hoping the recipient will have a better year ahead and also shows some “love” to someone you care about.

4. Lou Sang / Yu Sheng

Lou Shang (a.k.a Yu Sheng) is a must at the Malaysia reunion dinner or the New Year dinner! It brings the meaning of “Full of Fortune”. The Lou Sang is filled with colourful ingredients, which signifies various good intentions to the diners. Many restaurants will launch different Lou Sang set meals, and even launch Lou Sang gift boxes so that you can enjoy Lou Sang with your family and friends from the safty of your own home.

5. Chinese New Year’s Decorations

We know how people love this festival by seeing the crowds at the Chinese decorations shop! To bring the CNY festive feel to your home, usually people will buy some New Year decorations such as, Chinese couplets, red lanterns, peach blossoms, etc. Red decorations will bring you great luck in the new year!

6. Epidemic Prevention Items

Although it is a great time to meet with your friends and family, but we should not overlook the importance of epidemic prevention. This year, we should include hygienic items, such as masks, disinfectants and sanitizers in our CNY shopping list to protect our health and safety. Follow the SOP, so that we can celebrate the Chinese New Year with peace of mind!

7. Storage Space

In addition to do a spring cleaning, we also buy new clothes and change the new furniture to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Cramped by new items? Don’t worry! Store you items with Cube to have more space for Chinese New Year celebrations. Enjoy inviting friends and relatives to your house now  but don’t forget the SOPs!

A great start is a beginning of success! Have you started preparing for Chinese New Year? In addition to prepare your shopping lists, you can also make a bucket list for yourself and work on it throughout the year!

Looking for a comfortable New Year? Contact us, we will provide you with the most suitable and affordable storage solutions.

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