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5 ways to save money when getting a self storage unit

December 20, 2019 In Help & Tips
Keep your items safe at a low cost with Cube Self Storage If you are moving into a smaller home, travelling for a long period, […]

4 ways to make money while you’re travelling

December 13, 2019 In Help & Tips
Earn passive income while you’re away from home “Travel and make money” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Whether you’re an avid traveller […]

Sentimental Items: To keep or not to keep

December 10, 2019 In Help & Tips
sewing machine
Keep The Best because The Rest is Clutter Sentimental items remind us of special experiences or beloved people in our lives, which is why it […]

How Cube Self Storage can be beneficial for family planning

December 3, 2019 In Help & Tips
Creating space for your new born without cluttering your home is possible with Cube Self Storage A self storage unit shouldn’t be the last thing […]

AirBnB your Home with Cube Self Storage

November 25, 2019 In Help & Tips
Start earning extra cash with your home now. AirBnB listings in Kuala Lumpur are growing as they are becoming more sought-after compared to other accommodation […]

Expat Living: Ease into your new home in a new country.

November 14, 2019 In Help & Tips
expat home
Make your transition into your new home hassle-free and easy with Cube The transition into a new home can be full of surprises especially if […]

One Year of providing Storage Solutions to Malaysia

November 8, 2019 In Help & Tips
One wonderful year and counting in giving you our best service. Storage space is always a challenge that one has to face when living in […]

A Quick Guide on How to Store your Musical Instruments

October 25, 2019 In Help & Tips
Preserve your Musical Instruments at Cube Self Storage Musical instruments are expensive, but it is a great investment. The good news is, musical instruments can […]

How to Store your Rugs and Carpet while Preserving their Integrity

October 18, 2019 In Help & Tips
How to store your rugs and carpet while preserving their integrity
A Quick Guide to Storing Rugs and Carpet Storing rugs and carpets correctly is necessary to avoid losing their shapes, attracting pests, and accumulating unwanted […]

How Self Storage Benefits Interior Designers

October 4, 2019 In Help & Tips
Keep your client’s space clutter-free with Cube Self Storage If you’re an interior designer, it is likely that you understand how crucial space management is […]