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3 smart ways to store your stuffed toys without cluttering your room

February 13, 2020 In Help & Tips
Get a new home for your plushies and create more space at home Stuffed toys, soft toys, or plushies — whatever you call them, we […]

How to NOT catch Coronavirus while travelling

February 5, 2020 In Help & Tips
Travel light and lower your risk of exposure Even though you are not travelling to China, you’re still be exposed to the risk of catching […]

5 Things to do before the 1st Day of Chinese New Year!

January 23, 2020 In Help & Tips
Check off the items listed below and get ready for the celebrations! Chinese New Year is fast approaching! What will the year of the rat […]

Top 4 New Year’s resolutions that should be in your list

January 17, 2020 In Help & Tips, In the News, News
Resolutions to help you be your best self for 2020. Happy 2020! Here we are again at the start of the new year, and with […]

5 ways to maintain a clutter free home

January 13, 2020 In Help & Tips
A clutter-free home is a peaceful mind Perhaps you’ve seen beautiful, clutter-free homes and apartments in magazines or on the web, and think: how can […]

Inspiring New Year’s Resolutions at Cube Self Storage

December 24, 2019 In Help & Tips
A sound mind in a sound body is always worthy of striving for. 2019 has been a great journey and it’s about to come to […]

5 ways to save money when getting a self storage unit

December 20, 2019 In Help & Tips
Keep your items safe at a low cost with Cube Self Storage If you are moving into a smaller home, travelling for a long period, […]

4 ways to make money while you’re travelling

December 13, 2019 In Help & Tips
Earn passive income while you’re away from home “Travel and make money” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Whether you’re an avid traveller […]

Sentimental Items: To keep or not to keep

December 10, 2019 In Help & Tips
sewing machine
Keep The Best because The Rest is Clutter Sentimental items remind us of special experiences or beloved people in our lives, which is why it […]

How Cube Self Storage can be beneficial for family planning

December 3, 2019 In Help & Tips
Creating space for your new born without cluttering your home is possible with Cube Self Storage A self storage unit shouldn’t be the last thing […]