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This month Cube Co-Working, would like to touch on a very basic aspect of people – health and youth. The desire to look young is perhaps something humans have been trying to do for centuries, over the years we have developed various methods to accomplish this. Some opt for surgical procedures, while others try homemade recipes either passed from generation to generation or found easily on the web. But how much do we know about what we are doing to our bodies? Is it equally healthy as it is helping us to look better physically?

We are featuring our Cube Co-Working customer Bio-Young Wellness, a company that provides a solution that not only helps their customers look young but in a way that also focuses on their internal health and wellbeing.

We spoke to Benny who has been a part of their team for a long time and asked him to tell us about the company.


“Our business is focusing primarily on marketing one of Southeast Asia’s most successful anti-aging supplement. BIO YOUNG Wellness Sdn Bhd was established in June 2021 to acquire the ownership of a remarkable anti-aging product and well-established brand Bio-Young.

Bio-Young has been in the market for over 20 years and is perhaps one of the most revered anti-aging supplements that has made more than 500,000 customers happy across Southeast Asia. It is probably the one and only supplement that contains 45 essential nutrients that have been endorsed by a real experts from USA and approved by all regulators both in Malaysia and outside of Malaysia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.”


As good as the product is, a company can’t run without the people behind the scenes and Bio-Young is no different, here’s what Benny had to say about the wonderful people that’s making sure their products reach the right hands.

“The shareholders of the company are from Malaysia and Hong Kong, including a professional investment institution specialized in health, computer information and education industries investment.

We have a small team of Digital Marketers, and a designer led by Vivian Yue. We all came from various backgrounds, such as Investment Bank, Creative Designs, Customer Service, Network Marketing and even have a member who had just recently graduated.”


As a company that has hit the ground running for the last 2 decades, it was clear that Bio-Young is growing in leaps and bounds. Their customers come from various different backgrounds with a wide range of health issues.

“They are searching for the right product that could make a change in their life. It is very common in Bio-Young for our customers to establish strong attachment to our brand because Bio-Young is actually more than just a regular supplement. It is also very common for customers to leave a heart-touching testimonials of how Bio-Young become part of their life openly on our Facebook page.

We have customers who have been with us for 10 – 20 years and to maintain this attachment we often reward our customers with special offers, or discounts.

And it’s no wonder that the product is popular, Bio-Young’s drink not only promises an anti-aging solution, but also is good for Diabetic Support, Joints, Muscles, Bones, Multivitamins, Minerals and more.


Like any other business, they have faced their fair share of challenges, even more so in this digital age where there is an overload of information and e-commerce sites. Bio-Young is continuously finding ways to break through these challenges.

“The biggest challenge we are facing would be understanding how Facebook algorithms works and how we try to adapt with the changes in the way Facebook works.  There had been multiple occasions where we had our ad accounts being disabled. This had affected our sales.

But we manage to find out ways to go through these hiccups through multiple trials on various methods from building better and credible Facebook pages whilst observing its long ad policies. Seeing these challenges often come and go, we also decided to develop a website to make our brand more credible in the online space.”

He continued “We have recently launched our e-Commerce website which allows our customers to gain better information about the product that we offer and able to make their purchase directly from the website. We also intend to diversify our reach to our customers by implementing omni-channel strategy and generating more exposure to our brand for both online and offline.


COVID-19 endemic contributed more awareness and demand for the product. Our advertising spend was made primarily on Facebook. It coincided with the increase of traffic on Facebook, since more people are spending their time at home on Facebook too. We expect to experience a trajectory growth with demand to our product as we are not only limiting ourselves in Malaysia, we are also looking at introducing the brand in other potential markets outside of Malaysia moving forward, during this pandemic.”


Part of their many efforts to grow their business, they made the decision to operate fully out of a co-working facility. And that is how they found us!

Benny tells us “We are looking for a small start which only requires few members in the team. Our main objective is to drive sales and generate more revenue to the company. Hence, we do not need many portfolios in the company.

We acquired a few fixed desks and a small office which by far is sufficient for us to operate. As we have to pack and send out the products as well being in a space that allows for ease of last-mile delivery is definitely a plus! Furthermore, Cube’s customer services team is very helpful and resourceful which has exceeded our expectations.”

Cube Co-working space is an ideal format for us to kick start this small endeavor as it allows us to share ideas with the other coworking tenants as well, we have actually collaborated with other tenants and joined a health and beauty expo recently which was good as we were able to share costs with each other efficiently. It is nice being a part of a community that is looking to grow together.

Bio-Young is truly a pioneer in their sector focused on ensuring their customer’s health, youth.

To find out more, you can email bioyoung.marketing@gmail.com, visit their website at www.bioyoungwellness.com or you can also like their Facebook page.

Also thinking of getting started with a co-working space, but want to know more first? Speak to one of our staff by emailing cs@cubeselfstorage.my or call 03-7772 9171 and get a free quotation!

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