Create documents’ “Visual Aids” now and simplify document filing and retrieval in the future

As your business continue to grow, you might notice that your documents continue to grow as well. That is a good sign of a greater success for your business in the future! At Cube Self Storage, we want to help you to manage the growth of your documents by creating space for your new files. How? Store your old files in our climate controlled storage facility. But before transporting all your documents into your storage unit, here are three levels file identification and labeling that would help simplify and facilitate your document filing and retrieval. Naming and labeling serves as a visual aid that would help you identify individual record series quickly and efficiently.

1. Level ONE: Label your drawer and/or shelf

Labeling your drawers and shelves will organise your documents better. A good organisation system will make it easier to retrieve a specific document in the future. To label your drawer and/or shelf, make sure that your labels are typed in uppercase and include:

  1. Primary classification
  2. Secondary classification (your record series)
  3. Dates

2. Level TWO: File guide labels (also known as Tabs)

This label serves as the “signpost” that would lead a document searcher to a specific portion of the file. There are several ways of using Tabs:

  1. Highlight a primary classification;
  2. Highlight the record series;
  3. A specific year;
  4. Or a specific portion of file within a record series.

Remember, it is always best to show the primary classification and secondary classification (which is the record series) on your Tabs.

3. Level THREE: File folder labels.

Always label your folders. A good file folder label should include:

  1. File code (if you have a record management system) or simply a full record series title;
  2. Folder title;
  3. And date(s) — usually inclusive dates of the file contents.

Now that you have your documents’ visual aid ready, give us a call at 03 7772 9171 or email us at and we will arrange transportation to pick up your documents to our climate controlled storage facility.


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