Start earning extra cash with your home now.

AirBnB listings in Kuala Lumpur are growing as they are becoming more sought-after compared to other accommodation options. This is because they’re usually more affordable and also due to their unique designs and warm hosts. So, if you’re planning a big trip this year, moving out of he country for a few years, or simply wanting to have a passive income using the spare room you have, now is the time to AirBnB your home. Here’s how Cube Self Storage can help you:

1. Set how much you want to charge per night.

Doing research on the market price is the first step you need to do to set your price, and also to set budget for redecoration. Other than the pricing, offering something different often attracts more guests. Here’s a tip for you: create a social media corner where your guests can pose and take photos. Every photo posted on social media is free marketing for your space!

2. Set up and redecorate your home for future guests, not for you.

Decluttering your home is very important to ensure that your guests are comfortable during their stay. Always set in mind that your guests’ expectations of your home is equivalent (or even higher) as their expectations of other accommodation options such as hotels and resorts. So, when you’re redecorating and setting up your home, aim for a clean, neat and minimalistic look. Don’t leave any personal items, and furnish your house with basic necessities like any other accommodation would, and that includes towels, extra blankets, pillows and linens. If you have furniture that are valuable and sentimental, it is best to store them somewhere safe and replace them with less expensive furniture. That way, you don’t have to worry much about spills, stains, rips or other damages.

3. Make sure your home is safe.

There should be no hazards in your AirBnB home. Always double check for things like; tripping hazards, water leaks, exposed wires, or anything that could potentially cause injury. Ensure your AirBnB has smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. If you are targeting families to stay at your AirBnB, make sure to child proof your house because this is one of the first things families with children will look at.

4. Store your personal belongings, valuables, and furniture at Cube Self Storage.

Many people have personal belongings that have both monetary and sentimental value such as jewellery, ornaments, antique furniture, documents, art pieces and heirlooms. Letting these items exposed to your guests are very risky. Although you can take security measures by screening your guests through AirBnB, you don’t want to get anxious and worry when you are away from home. So, the smart solution here is to store everything in a safe, and reliable self-storage unit. At Cube Self Storage, we take our security measures very seriously to ensure your items are well-protected and safe. In addition to our round-the-clock CCTV and guarded facility, you also get a personalised access system code to enter the facility. Now you can be wherever you need to be with a peace of mind, and at the same time, make extra cash renting out your home.

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