Pack your artwork the right way, and store smartly with Cube Self Storage.

If you are a working artist, art collector, curator or an art gallery owner, you know that storing art pieces correctly is of crucial importance because artworks are sensitive to weather damage. So, if you are

a. moving to a new home, studio or gallery and need storage for your artwork during the
b. running out of space at your home or studio and your art pieces are still selling;
c. temporarily showing another artist’s work at your gallery and need to make room;
d. holding on to several pieces for private reasons;
e. thinking that your artwork is much safer to be stored in a secured, climate-controlled

Then you should definitely consider storing with Cube Self Storage. Follow these tips to prepare your artwork for storage and to ensure safe storage for your art pieces.

1. Do’s and Don’ts when packing your artwork

a. Do’s
• Malaysia’s climate is categorised as equatorial, being hot and humid throughout the year. Hence, when moving or storing canvas artwork use a stretcher or a frame to stretch the canvas.
• Use glassine paper, acid-free archival tissue paper, blankets or soft cloths to wrap and protect your art pieces.
•  If you choose to roll your artwork for storage, roll your art pieces with the paint side out to avoid cracking the paint.

b. Don’ts
• Don’t fully wrap your artwork when storing them. You may use plastic or bubble
wrap to protect your art pieces during the transit. However, make sure to
remove the wrapping or at least create holes so that your artwork can
“breathe”. Plastic wraps can trap moisture and lead to mold and mildew.
• Don’t store your artwork until the paint has fully cured.
• Don’t use tape or any adhesives to the painted surfaces.

2. Transporting your Artwork 

Transporting your artwork can be tricky. If not stored correctly during transit, any sort of movements could damage the artwork. You may choose to do it on your own or hire a professional mover who has the vast knowledge and expertise in handling transportation for fine artwork.

3. Choose the right Storage Facility

After packing your art pieces carefully, you are ready to organise everything in a storage space. Here at Cube Self Storage, in addition to providing a well-secured, climate-controlled storage unit, we also help you to arrange transportation of your items from your place to our storage facility. And when the time comes to showcase your artwork, we can arrange the transit from our facility to your gallery, studio or home. Trust us, your artwork will be in perfect condition and ready to be adored again.

Contact us today to get a free quotation. If you need further information, our friendly customer service will be more than happy to talk to you.