Don’t settle with common gifts like teddy bear, chocolates, and generic cards this Valentine’s Day. Show your partner, parents, friends or children that you care by giving them thoughtful and useful gifts. Check out these 6 unconventional gifts for your loved ones, because they’re worth more than flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and cards.

1. Breakfast!

Whether it’s breakfast in bed for your partner or breakfast for the whole family, prepare a special breakfast on Valentine’s day to appreciate and remind how much you care for them. A great first meal of the day can set a person in the right mood for the whole day!

2. Gift cards, coupons and subscriptions

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t expire on Valentine’s day, a gift card, a book of coupon, or a subscription (Netflix, Spotify, Audibles and so forth) is a great idea. Mostly because this gift is redeemable at any time, and that they will think of you whenever they redeem the gift.

3. Delivery Services

Take advantage of the delivery services we have in Malaysia, especially the food delivery (because we, Malaysians, love good food). After all, what else can make your loved ones smile with joy other than having their favorite food delivered to them? And you’ll get that bonus point for remembering their favorite food.

4. Plants

A living plant is a thoughtful and cute gift as it symbolizes the growing love between you and your loved ones. So, be sure to take good care of it together!

5. Soft blanket

This is a practical, yet a very sweet and thoughtful gift. Your family and friends would appreciate this very much. And if you’re a couple, nothing says let’s cuddle like a super soft blanket!

6. A Self Storage

What can be more thoughtful and surprising than a smart solution to your loved ones’ storage needs? This is a gift that shows how much you really care about them because you’re aware of their needs. Not only that they will have a storage space for their extra shoes, gears for hobbies, collectibles and memorabilia items, but they will also have a more spacious, clutter-free home.

Here’s another great idea, why not get everything (gift 1 to 6) to your loved ones this Valentine’s day? And let the Valentine’s day teddy bears collected over the years sleep safe and soundly in our climate controlled storage.

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