New baby on the way? Get your home ready!

There’s so much to do to get everything ready to welcome a new born; from the essentials (baby clothes, baby toiletries, baby furniture) to baby-proofing every corner of your house. Remember, baby-proofing your living space is as important as having all the baby essentials ready. So, here’s 5 tips to help you baby-proof your home:

  1. Cushions everywhere

Although in the first few months, baby crib is where your baby will be spending most time at — napping during the day and sleeping at night, as a safety precaution, always place cushions or mattress around the crib. Make sure to do this especially when your baby starts crawling and climbing.

  1. “Edge-less” furniture

A coffee table’s edges, for instance, is about the same height as toddlers, and they could easily bump into it when they start learning how to walk. So, always keep a look out for these sharp edges. Cover every furniture sharp edges with padding and tape.

  1. No grown-up toys allowed

Always store dangerous tools such as needles, scissors, glassware and blades away from your child. A great tip for this is to hide them in one place, such as in a high cabinet. For bigger tools and hobby gears, consider storing them in a locked room, or better, store them in a self storage unit.

  1. Slippery floor is not cool

Never procrastinate to clean up after a spill and always put aside toys after each play. Keep your floor dry all the time to prevent accident. Not only this is a good habit for creating a safe space, but it is also a habit that will ensure a hygienic living space for your little ones and for yourself.

  1. A clutter-free home is NOT a fantasy

Indeed, the clutter free rooms that you see in magazines are achievable even with a baby in your home. In addition to enjoying a spacious living space, your home is much safer for your kids without stacked clutters that could easily topple and fall. So, how do you create a spacious, baby-proof home again?

A smart solution to this is to get a self storage unit. Store away your non-essential items and belongings, especially those that are not “baby friendly” with Cube Self Storage. We can guarantee that your items will be safe and always be in pristine condition. Furthermore, you are free to access your storage unit whenever you need to, which means that you get more space to stock up on baby products! This way, you can save money by purchasing diapers, baby wipes, and baby shampoos in bulk without worrying about storage space.

What are you waiting for? Book a Cube Self Storage unit today and get everything ready to welcome your new bundle of joy. Contact us at +603 7772 9171 or drop us an email at