Avoid the hassles and prepare for the unexpected during a home renovation.

Whether you’re doing a renovation on your house by yourself or hiring a contractor to do it, it is always wise to be prepared before the work starts. Here are 4 things you absolutely want to do to ensure a smooth renovation process.

1. Establishing Zones and Limits.

If you are hiring workmen to do certain job or the whole renovation, you are basically allowing strangers into your home. Unless you are renovating the whole house, make sure to inform the workmen all the off-limits area such as your bedroom.

2. Move fragile and precious items.

Renovation may take at least a couple of months depending on the project that you’ve committed to. So, make sure to keep your china, photos, artwork, electronics, and everything that you do not want to get broken or dusty away from the work area.

3. Clear your rooms of large items. 

The big items such as your sofas, cabinets, large rugs and carpets, are the identity of your home. You do not want to leave them in or near the work zones. So, store them away somewhere safe for as long as you need to finish your renovation. Not only that you will create a spacious work zones for the workmen (or yourself), but you also will avoid unwanted hazards from happening due to limited work space.

4. Keep your items safe at Cube Self Storage.

The best storage solution when renovating your house is a self storage. Keep all your precious, fragile and large items in one climate controlled unit. This way you can avoid any misplacement when moving in into your new renovated house. Additionally, with round the clock CCTV, access code system, and fire alarm installed at Cube’s storage facility, we guarantee that your items will be safe and secured at all times. After all, a peace of mind is what you need to focus on finishing your renovation.

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