Reduce carbon footprint when you move with Cube Self Storage

The whole process of moving into a new house takes a lot of planning. One thing that may slip our minds most of the time is the environmental costs of moving. In the age where being mindful of energy and plastic consumption is imperative for the health of our planet, Cube Self Storage encourages everyone to move house in the eco-friendly ways. So, here are 5 tips to make your house move more eco-friendly:

  1. Declutter early

If you are packing at the very last minute, you may be haphazardly putting things into the boxes and not filling up the boxes space efficiently. You may end up making more than one trip to transport everything into your new home. The bigger the truck or the more trips you make to move your items, the greater the carbon emissions will be. So, avoid last minute packing and declutter earlier. This way you can decide what items you don’t need in your new home and start putting them away by recycling, giving them away to your friends or a charity, or simply store them away with Cube Self Storage. Who knows, you might need them later in the future.

  1. Reduce food waste

Start finishing your food stock because food and liquids don’t travel well. Be mindful with grocery shopping — only buy what you will eat to avoid food wastage, especially when your moving day is approaching. If you have too many items in your pantry, consider donating them to the local food bank or soup kitchens nearby.

  1. Packing boxes alternatives

Instead of using cardboard boxes, rent a reusable plastic crates. Use Cube Self Storage plastic crates: they are ready-to-use, durable, eco-friendly and efficient. Reusable plastic containers are better than cardboard boxes because they can carry heavier loads, and the best part is, you won’t have to get rid of them later. Simply return them back to us once you finished unpacking. This way you reduce the amount of waste during your move.

  1. New Home New Habits

A new home means a new chapter of your life, and it is important to start new positive habits around your new living space. One good habit that you can practice right away is to keep only what you use regularly at home. Reorganisation is important as you don’t want to clutter up your nice new home. Extra storage space will help with this and with your very own Cube Self Storage storage space,  not only you will avoid clutter in your home by storing things that you don’t use regularly, but you will also have extra space to store your collectible and memorabilia items safely.

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