4 Easy Tips to Declutter your Home!

Are you ready to make the idea of living clutter-free a reality? Simply by making the decision to declutter, you’re well on your way to living a clutter-free lifestyle! Here at Cube Self Storage, we want to help make things easy for you. That’s why we are sharing with you four awesome decluttering tips.

1. Remember your purpose.

Before you go out and buy tons of storage supplies to organise your items, be sure that you fully understand the purpose in wanting to declutter your home. A good reason for decluttering is to set up a space that is fully-functional and works well for your daily needs. So, before you add more stuff into your home, sort through what you already have first! Categorise your items into 3 groups; items that you use on a daily basis, items that you use only once in a while and items that you rarely use at all.

2. Take baby steps.

Do not set aside the entire day to organise your home, take it one space at a time! Create a list of areas in your home to declutter and start with the easiest. Take it easy. Start with a simple task such as packing the items you wish to donate into a cardboard box. But… be sure to only spend a few hours on one task or space – not more! This way you will feel motivated to do more later and not be burned out by the process.

3. Complete each task—entirely! 

Once you’ve sorted through your items, take the items to where they should be. Never keep bags for charity or boxes of items for your friends at home to deliver later. (They’ll probably end up sitting in your house for long periods of time – taking up precious space) Remember, discipline is key here for your decluttering mission’s success! So, do it now and finish the process. You’re already half way done so complete the task entirely!

4. Free up space at home.

Now, that you have everything sorted out and out of the way (donated or given away), it is time to free up space at home! Store the items that you rarely use but wish to keep safely away in our Cube climate controlled storage facility equipped with round the clock CCTV. You can be rest assured your nonessentials will be safely tucked away and in mint condition till you need to use them next. With Cube Self Storage, we make clutter free living attainable!


What are you waiting for? Take the first step to clutter-free living today! Contact our friendly customer service staff for a free quotation today at 03 7772 9171 or drop us a line at cs@cubeselfstorage.my.